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How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair

Dealing with long hair is a struggle for many female riders. Wearing a helmet underneath the long hair is an issue, as the helmet does not have enough space to stuff the remaining length in the headwear. To overcome this problem, there are different ways on how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair. Such hairstyles work to deal with long hair when wearing the helmet. The list of hairstyles for wearing a helmet for long hair mentions below:

Low Buns

Tying your hair into a bun of any kind is a great way to deal with long hair when wearing a helmet. When it comes to tying a bun, make sure you use soft and strong hair ties to avoid suffering hair breakage and hair fall. If you have thick hair, you can tie double twists into a bun and double secure with hair ties and bobby pins. Once you tie your hair into a bun, you can wear and remove your helmet conveniently without messing up your long hair. To deal with your long hair, consider tying it into a bun for your ride. For tying into a bun for all helmet types, you can check out the Best Half Helmet.


Braids are a perfect solution for dealing with long hair, as the braids do not fly in the wind on the road. With greater control of moisture and length will allow you to prevent suffering from hair fall and exposing your hair in the sunlight. The ideal braid to make for your ride is to make either a single or a double braid if you have thicker or fine hair. This will help to fit your helmet better. There are various braids to control hair loss and brittleness. To know how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair is to consider making your hair into a braid.


A ponytail helps to keep your hair out of the face and is easy to handle when wearing your helmet. With different kinds of ponytails, you do not have to worry about the hair coming your way. Since the ponytail is a feministic hairstyle, you can protect your ponytail from frizz and damage by securing it with hair ties at different spots down to the hair. This will help to protect your hair from breakage and allow you to give a stiff hold. If your helmet has space for Bluetooth, this is a great way to find the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset.

Wear a Headscarf or Headwraps

Considering a headscarf or head wraps are the easiest solutions to deal with how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair. Using a headscarf or head wraps helps to hide your bad hairstyles and so prevents your hair from exposing to the inner liner. Wrapping your hair with a scarf helps to absorb the friction that might damage your hair. If you have greasy or flaky hair, using a headscarf will allow you to prevent your hair from damaging the inner liner. There are other ways to know how to Prevent Helmet Hair by clicking on this link. You can even choose to leave some hair and wrap the rest.

Pile the Hair on Top

Piling the hair on top is a straightforward way of wearing a helmet for long hair. To consider piling your hair on top is to use a hairband, hold your hair up to your shoulder, hold them together and stuff it underneath your helmet. This tip is great if you are in a hurry and do not have time to do your hair. To get your hair back after the ride is to remove the helmet and pass the fingers. For achieving, the best style for your hair is to consider piling the hair on top.

Leave your Hair Wild and Free

Many female riders love to enjoy their long hair flying in the wind. Although leaving your hair open will damage your hair. If you prefer to leave your hair wild and free, just use a hairspray to keep your hair volume and remain flat. The spray also helps to add your hair’s depth. If you want further protection of your hair, just stuff your bag with a comb or a brush, hair ties, and any hair products on the road. Be sure that the hair products should not damage the helmet’s liner.

Wrap Up

Here are the different ways on how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair. Dealing with long hair requires effort to ensure a safe ride when wearing a helmet. If your hair is long and has problems with wearing your helmet, just refer to these tips above. The more you manage your long hair, the safer your ride.

So choose a hairstyle and enjoy the ride!

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