How to Use SEMrush for Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Made Easy With SEMrush

Aside from the industry or nature of the business that you are about to join or start, a competitor is always there and it is also factual that of you or your business is not keeping an eye on what others are doing in the same field or market, the rest of rivalry will.

Especially in the field of online marketing, competitor analysis has great significance in order to stand out of the crowd Semrush is one of the most efficient and useful tools that can be used to gather competitor data in an organized manner.

Here you may be interested to know that how to use SEMrush for competitor analysis, it’s not a rocket science.
You just need to set key performance indicators in SEMrush in order to decide which online channels you must join or invest in.

In this article, we will converse the fundamentals of this amazing tool and how to use SEMrush for competitor analysis to keep an eagle eye on the competition.

What is SEMrush

Basically, it is an online software platform that lets business owners and online marketers learn more about the people who are working in the same field of industry.

According to their mission statement, they are working to make online competition pale and transparent, with equal chances for each and every one who is using their tool. It is recognized as the world’s foremost competitive research service for online marketing to analyze that how the people of same industry are doing to get success.

How to Use SEMrush for Competitor Analysis

Simply click here to land the free, basic version of the site.

After reaching the home page, you will never see the pop-ups of the paid version or limits your number of daily searches, and it is the reason people love to use SEMrush for competitor analysis.

Now it’s the time to enter the business domain name or URL of the competitor you want to spy on. You can choose a specific country or state and then hit the start now button to get your screen with a wealth of data that will assist you to know the strategies of your competitors.

Features and Benefits of Using SEMrush

SEMrush comes with a lot of analyzing features that would be enough to spy on your competitors even by using its free version.

When you press the ‘start now’ button after adding the domain name or URL, you will be able to see the “Top Organic Keywords” by scrolling down the page.

This shows you which keywords are bringing a competitor their traffic. It is something handy that let you know the keywords that they are using to get more eyeballs on their contents.

It also shows the search engine position of the domain, traffic volume, CPC and the percentage of overall traffic of the site or blog.

Now scroll the page bit more to see the backlink segment. It is the place to have an idea that what anchor texts and page titles are being used to secure quality backlinks.

As it is clear to every online marketer or SEO expert that backlinks are just like the backbone for the SEO strategies and the world’s most famous search engine Google) uses them to determine the value and fame of the website.

By getting competitor analysis data from SEMrush search, you will know that from where your competitors are getting backlinks to create authority for the website and then you can also reach them to add some value to your own brand or blog.

Below the backlink section, ‘reffering domains’ will be visible there that indicates you the domains that are creating backlinks for the site with a number of links from each domain in the list.

The next section with the title of “Indexed Pages,” shows you which specific pages of the website are getting the most backlinks.

The whole data provided by the SEMrush in results of a single query helps a business or brand a lot to implement the latest trends in order to optimize the overall SEO campaign in order to get more from the efforts being made.

Majority of companies and digital marketers are using the SEMrush for competitor analysis because it is one of the best tools to spy on your competitors.

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