How E-signature Solution Benefits Your Work

Creating a document, printing, signing, and then scanning into the computer consumes both time and money. That is the reason, old and traditional methods of authorizing and signing documents are increasingly replaced with advanced inventions like online signatures. It is the latest technology that lets businesses and individuals sign their documents within moments. By doing so, organizations and companies can cut the turnaround time by almost 90%. The documents signed via eSignature services like DottedSign are legally valid and enforceable by law as legislation passed in several states and countries. Most of the solutions also save your documents once signed and offer you quick access whenever you need them.


Below are the top benefits of using e-signature solution that can help you boost your overall operational efficiency and increase productivity.

Signing Documents Online is Simple and Intuitive

E-signatures are very simple and easy to use. In order to sign documents online, you just need to upload a document, put your signature, and save the document in the desired file format. You can also ask people to sign documents by uploading a document, declaring signers or recipients, and send a secure link to the signer or recipient. Once the document is signed, the process is complete and the document is legally signed and can be used for both personal and business purposes.

Quick and Faster

Electronic signatures offer quick and faster service to get important documents signed even in real-time. Anyone can sign the documents within moments and send signed documents to anyone via a variety of digital channels like email, social media apps or instant messengers, etc. You can also get business documents and papers signed by other colleagues or parties that are far away from you.

Enhanced Security

When signing documents online via signature services, you are able to send documents to the right people with advanced security controls like automatic independent verification. Online signatures are more secure and safer than traditional signing methods. Dottedsign provides an digital audit trail that includes the information about who signed the document, when and where the document is signed. It also makes the process airtight thanks to its inclusion of a digital identity certificate on any contract signed through the service.

Better Document Storage

There will be no more need for a file management system as you can easily sign documents online and store documents at a safe, secure, and easy to access place. Just scan or upload a document, sign online, and keep it somewhere safe and secure. It makes it easier than ever for businesses and organizations to find and access the required document in real-time even while on the way.

Increased Mobility and Availability

Thanks to advanced mobile technology, businesses can have their clients’ or customers’ signatures quickly even in real-time. An online signature solution lets you sign or get documents signed anytime anywhere. All you need to sign documents online is an internet-connected computer or device. With the increasing use of smartphones, one can also sign business documents or files via an online document signing solution by using a smartphone or tablet. It allows them to sign or authorize documents anytime from anywhere without facing barriers of time and location.

Get Paid Faster

You may need to create and sign an invoice in order to get paid by a customer. By using an electronic signature solution, you can sign business documents like invoices quickly and easily to get paid by your customers. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the improved cash flow. On the other side, get documents signed in seconds can delight your customers as well.

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