How Can Small Business Benefit from SEO Services?

In today’s world, it is essential for a business to have an online presence. Be it a massive corporate conglomerate or a small local store, being accessible on the internet is absolutely necessary.

A part of this online presence involves search engine optimization. The rationale behind this is simple; the higher your website appears on the search engine results page, the more traffic (and the more potential business) you will receive.

Consumers and customers also tend to trust brands that have websites that appear at the top of a search engine results page more than they would trust those on the second or third page.

That is why it is imperative for small businesses to engage an affordable SEO company as a regular part of their business practices.

Being an SEO agency, Stan Venture’s is going to take you through the finer details of how small businesses can benefit from SEO services.

1. SEO helps build awareness around your brand.

This one is a pretty straightforward lesson in consumer habits. The more people see your brand, the more aware they are of it. This is why occupying the prime position on a search engine results page makes such a difference.

In a world where even a tiny extra click feels like an unnecessary burden being the website that’s listed at the very beginning of a search engine results page makes it that much easier for your potential customers.

2. SEO helps you find new customers.

While SEO is basically focused on improving your rankings on search engine result pages, better rankings mean more traffic to your website. And more traffic generally implies more customers.

3. SEO helps you find new customers in the discovery phase

Ask any person in business worth their salt, and they’ll tell you that one of the hardest parts of running a business is attracting new customers. Having a good SEO ranking could help you do exactly that.

Think of it this way: A person Googling something is probably seeking out information or looking for options that satisfy some need they might have. If your business’s website is placed right in front of them during this discovery period, doesn’t that make it all the more appealing to them?

Additionally, even if they are searching for exactly what you have to offer, your business having a bad SEO ranking might drive them straight into the welcoming arms of competitors with better ones.

4. SEO brings you more traffic.

You could have the best business practices in the world, complete with a beautifully designed and consumer-friendly website. But all of this becomes largely pointless if you do not have a stable flow of visitors to your website.

More organic traffic increases the chances of conversions and thus, increases the chances of sales.

5. SEO brings you targeted traffic.

The most important part of SEO has to be keywords. Keywords tell you what your customers are searching for and why they are searching for it. They can tell if a customer is simply perusing options like a window shopper or whether they have the intention to actually make a purchase.

Having relevant traffic with the right intent ensures that you not only make conversions but also make sales.

6. SEO improves the usability of your website.

The crux of SEO for business is to improve the experience that a customer can enjoy on your website.

Google and other search engines try to provide every user with the best customer experience possible and accordingly rank websites on their results page. So when you optimise your website, you are actually making sure that you are improving its overall usability. The more convenient the website is, the higher the chances of people visiting and purchasing what you offer.

7. SEO improves the rate of conversions.

It’s common knowledge that SEO optimised websites load faster and are often more consumer-friendly in terms of use. When you combine this with a good ranking that brings good targetted traffic, you strongly improve the rate of conversions.

8. SEO helps small businesses beat competitors.

Being a small business does not mean that you have to shy away from bigger competitors. With SEO on your side, you stand a solid chance of showing them who the boss is.

By rising above in the rankings on a search engine results page, you can ensure that your competitors’ customers are directed to your website instead. Investing in SEO means that you truly can be the David to their Goliath.

9. SEO has long-lasting results.

While online ads definitely bring results, these results last only as long as you are pumping money into them. In contrast, SEO has slightly more long-term results.

While it might not bring you instant results, SEO can help rank your business in such a way that there is constant and consistent brand awareness, relevant traffic, and conversions. Which, of course, entails proactive maintenance of your SEO efforts.

10. SEO is a form of cost-effective marketing.

Most small businesses operate on small or limited budgets. This can be a potential pain point, especially when competitors have more money to spend on their marketing.

But a good and effective SEO strategy is a way for small businesses to garner the same sort of results without spending an arm and a leg on advertising and marketing.

While the bigger business can spend more on pay-per-click marketing, a strong SEO strategy can even out the online playing field. If your small business can outrank a bigger competitor, you can steal their customers from right under their nose by directing them to your website first.

Again, this entails regular maintenance of your SEO plans but is likely still less expensive than spending loads of money on ad space.

And there you have it! If this isn’t enough reason for your small business to invest in SEO, collaborating with an affordable SEO agency like Stan Ventures most definitely will.

Help your business scale brand new heights (to the peak of the search engine results page) by getting the right SEO for your website. With a solid SEO effort, you might go from small business to big business quicker than you think.

Dileep Thekkethil

Dileep Thekkethil, a Journalism Postgraduate, was formerly with a US-based online magazine, is the Associate Director at Stan Ventures. He is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the SEO and technology arena.

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