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What are the top websites to watch free UFC stream is probably one of the most asked questions by MMA lovers. Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the biggest mixed martial artists federations, working for so long in this industry. It could be best to say that this organization played a pivotal role in making this combat sport popular worldwide. The fighting events are held every weekend, with championship fights once a month and streamed through pay-per-views. However, some strategies also enable you to catch the live action for free. We have developed this guide on the top websites to watch the contests for free. 

What is UFC?

UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest MMA promotion as per the latest reports in the world. Many known names, including Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Islam Makhachev, and Alexander Volkanovski, remained part of this industry. The promotion holds mixed martial events every Saturday night. These are known as Fight Nights. Similarly, the championship events feature monthly title fights, where millions of users purchase the PPVs to watch the live events. You can also watch a free UFC stream by following some top-rated strategies.

Top Websites to Watch Free UFC Stream

After deeply analyzing numerous platforms and sites, we found the top websites to watch a free UFC stream. Have a look at them to get direct access conveniently.

1 – CricFree


If you want to watch a free UFC stream live online, CricFree is one of the most accessible platforms to enable you to do so. You can visit the site via your laptop and PC to get a larger collection of channels related to every industry, including sports, entertainment, and TV serials. You have to scroll multiple times to find BT Sports 1 on this platform, the official channel to broadcast the UFC fights in the United Kingdom.

After finding the channel, you can easily track its features and watch the live fight event. Although it is easy to access, certain down points can cause frustration and irritation among the users. You may experience numerous advertisements and popups that spoil the UFC free stream fun. Consequently, you will seek other sites to have seamless enjoyment.

2 – Crackstreams


Crackstreams is another pretty good option to have direct access to the free UFC stream. You can reach out to this platform through your device via a strong Internet connection. As the name represents, this platform also cracks the premium streaming options and helps you watch your favourite events without paying a single cent. Besides other sports events, this platform is mainly based on MMA streams.

Just enter the URL in the search box and open the official site. Then, find the links on the homepage or in posts to catch the live action. Above all, you will face very few advertisements, guaranteeing an unstoppable experience. A certain disadvantage of this platform is that the streams are unavailable in some regions due to area restriction policies, devoiding some people to capture the live and free UFC stream.

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3 – First Row Sports

You should opt for the First Row Sports website to get the free UFC stream in ultra-HD quality. This platform is available worldwide, and people from every corner of the world can have an enhanced experience. The visual pixels let you have a complete experience of the major MMA events conveniently because of the user-friendly interface. Additionally, you don’t need to log in or sign up on this platform.

Although this platform exhibits a simple interface, you may experience numerous pop-ups during the live stream, making you frustrated and irritated. You can eliminate these ads by installing a VPN extension on your browser alongside an ad-blocker. Hence, you can experience better entertainment and unstoppable streams.

4 – YouTube


YouTube is another outstanding platform to watch the free UFC stream. The world’s largest video content platform allows everyone to create their channels and upload videos. Further, if you are able to get enough subscribers and viewers, you can easily monetize your traffic to earn money. Considering these benefits, numerous people have posted UFC videos here to help you catch the complete fights.

On the other hand, Ultimate Fighting Championship has also created its official channel on YouTube, where you can experience the main highlights of the big events. In this way, you can have a free UFC stream without purchasing expensive PPVs.

5 – Facebook


Facebook is one of the oldest and biggest social media networks available worldwide and helps you connect with your family and friends. You can post stories, comment on each other posts, and enjoy the video content. Further, this platform allows you to create your page to engage with the people and build a stronger audience by promoting the products or running a live stream. 

Utilizing these features, some people have created their pages on this platform to provide you with a free UFC stream. They use third-party networks and sites and redirect them to their pages. As a result, you can enjoy the fighting action live with a larger audience alongside commenting and interacting with other people. The most adorable thing is you can watch it completely free without facing area restrictions and pop-ups.

Nevertheless, there are certain potential drawbacks also. Sometimes, the live free UFC stream ends without any notification, causing you to miss the important punches. Similarly., some streams are available in poor quality, spoiling the whole charm and beauty.

Final Verdicts

Watching the free UFC stream is no longer challenging, as multiple platforms are present over the web. They promise to provide you with the free live action of your favourite stars without paying a single dollar on purchasing the pay-per-views. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and CricFree are among the top options to enjoy the full matches live online in ultra-HD quality and effortlessly. In addition, if you suffer from numerous popups and explicit advertisements, check on finding the best ad-blocker that helps you enjoy the seamless streams.

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