FairMoney is Looking Forward To Buying Umba for $20 Million In an All-Stock Deal

FairMoney has thrilled the African Fintech landscape by announcing that it is going to acquire Umba, which is a digital banking platform that operates primarily in Nigeria and Kenya. It would be a significant revolution in the finance industry. FairMoney has gained popularity for its exceptional banking services that can help customers take complete charge of their transactions and track their records. Moreover, their commitment to owning the Umba can help them incredibly in scaling their efforts. The proposed money to acquire all the stocks is $20 million based on the current pricing.

Background of the Deal

FairMoney has started its services six years ago in Nigeria. Since then, it has been working as the top digital lender. Over the years, the company has expanded its functionalities to include various other services in its infrastructure to become a complete solution for the users. Among the major services FairMoney provides to its users are debit cards, payments, and money transfers. Additionally, all these features are acquired with the help of a dedicated mobile app offered by the company.

On the other hand, Umba has recently closed its Series A funding round after generating $15 million. Hence, it is now one of the key players in the digital banking space of Nigeria. Moreover, Umba has been in aide demand by customers for its seamless and convenient access. Also, the company is planning to extend its service beyond Nigeria to capture more opportunities in the African market.

Based on their common interests, both enterprises are looking forward to signing a deal that can help them for long-term advantages. 

Benefits to FairMoney for Acquiring Umba

Acquiring Umba can have enormous advantages for FairMoney as it will allow the company to enter into the market of Kenya. Additionally, the company will be able to bypass the licensing procedure by owning Umba. In Nigeria, 600 licenses exist. On the other hand, only 14 are present in Kenya. Thus, FairMoney can get enormous perks with the acquisition of Umba. Ultimately, it can launch its services in Kenya effortlessly.

Other advantages of this deal are also in favor of FairMoney as it will help it to make a strong name in the African market. Besides, integrating the operational capabilities of Umba will expand the performance graph of FairMoney across multiple markets by enhancing its overall service quality.


While the acquisition is looking to be the best opportunity for both companies to grow, certain challenges and considerations are also there. Both Umba and FairMoney have to understand the regulatory requirements to avoid any undesired legal proceedings later on. In addition, there could be several technical challenges arising due to the merger. To overcome them, a comprehensive strategy will ensure a smooth transition and maintain the service quality.

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