7 Best Dab Torches in 2022

Dab torches are small butane and propane used to gently warm the tip of a binger or substrate glass quartz glass of a dug rig or in kitchens to cook food. Dab are small, solitary breathing parts of the focus or essence of smoking. These small concentrations or liquids are carefully stored in a hot bunker with a double tool before inhaling the resulting vapor through a specially designed water pipe.

To heat your dabs, you have to use a dab torch instead of the material you used like titanium, quartz, or ceramic. These will not have any substantial impact on heating dabs. If you’re interested in finding the right dab for you, here is the complete detail of the best dap torches you should buy.

Bernzomatic TS8000 BT 

Berzomatic is a high-intensity torch which is the most reliable and effective torch from the list of dab torches. You can use it for soft and hard soldering, mainly at high temperatures with its professionally designed shape. According to the developers and manufacturers, it is the hottest reliable butane torch for heating with a spark-ignition prompt. The dab is optimized for maximum heating output due to its large twirl flame. The product fire cooling level of temperature is up to 2100 Celsius degrees. The turn on and off button is curiously good receptive. There is no need to refill it instantly. The price of the dab is $57 at Amazon.

Higher Standards White Blazer Big Shot

The big dab torch was developed with the collaboration of Blazer and Higher Standards in Japan. It is anti-flare designed and is at the peak of craftsmanship and reliability. 

The Big Shot is one of the most powerful and long-lasting series of dab torches. There is no need to carry a lighter with you all the time, you can burn smoke with it. It has almost 2500 Degrees Fahrenheit heating capacity. It has a good containing capacity of butane. This allows it to burn long and full. The company price of the Big Shot is $90.

EurKitchen Premium Culinary Butane Torch

The dab torch is launched by EurKitchen, mainly this is used in the kitchens to heat the eatable. However, many dabbers think it is a good option for dabbing. It has a heating measurement of 2370 Degrees Fahrenheit. The flame of the butane torch goes up to six inches. 

The material quality of the product is guaranteed by its company and is reliable for every type of use. It is a great around torch accessible for everybody. The worth of the Premium Culinary Torch is $34.99 at the Amazon store.

Blow Out Sale Jb Chef Kitchen Torch

JB Chef Kitchen is another one of the most unique and good butane for the dabber. It is very light weighted and professionally designed. You can use it for many purposes such as Craftwork, Soldering, brazing in the kitchen, etc. You can also cook some dishes with it like melting or heating cheese or any other your favorite dish that’s why it is called kitchen chef.

Its compact design, ease to carry, and small shape make it different from other dab torches. The company provides high-quality products at affordable prices. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty on this dab torch after purchasing it. 

Dremel 2200-01 Torch

The only torch that comes with almost nine different tools to help the dabbers to adjust the flame for perfect dabbing according to their need. For professional and industrial work, you must use this torch to get ease in your work. The product is manufactured with strong materials that last for a lifetime. Hence, it has a higher volume as compared to other dab torches but there is not a big deal to carry it.

The different tools are easy to use and provide different functionality to use at home and on-site. It is a cheap and top-selling product in its category. The product has a specific flame lock feature. Only at $40, it is available at a very competitive amount.

Newport Medium 6″ Torch

It is also an Hemper’s team product and is a choice for the best dab torches use of quartz bangers. There are multiple features of this Newport hidden behind its shape. You can get multiple colors in this according to your taste. The Newport adjustment and the way to operate is quite a complex ad safe. The design of the item meets with all the safety measurements and is secure for any type of use i.e professional or home. 

The adjustable flame can reach up to 2370 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is also an indication of its safety. You can easily refill it but its containing capacity doesn’t require frequent filling. The total price of the torch is $44.95 at Hemper.

Hemper Wind Proof Torch Lighter

This is the best product for those who are looking for a small dab torch and have a specific budget. Hence it has a small structure but is very remarkable in terms of functionality. This is the most demanded product due to its very low price and high standard quality. It is also the most suitable option for any kind of smoking flame. The users can carry it anywhere they want, as it is very small in size and easy to carry anywhere. This is a portable torch as compared to other dab torches. You can heat your dab at any place anytime instantly. There are two versions of this kind, one is the first version with minimum updates and the other one has a cap on the head, which is to make it convenient to keep it in the pocket. The chain with it is to attach it with your keys or to hang it on anything.

It is filled with Butane, but later you can refill it for your ease. The market price of the Hemper windproof torch is $3.59.

To Wrap Up

In this brief note, I’ve tried to review some best quality dab torches to buy. Thereof a large number of the products of each category all available in the market. A customer faces a very depressing situation while deciding on purchasing one. This is because he’s not aware of the pros and cons of those products. I hope, this article will be enough for you to point out the right dab torch for you.

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