COMMUNITYx – A Social Media App for Actionable Social Justice

A couple of decades ago, the masses were silent or unable to get their voice heard. This is because mass communication at that time was one way and information was spread via traditional means like TV, radio and newspaper, etc. In this modern world with the increasing availability and use of mobile technology and high-speed internet, the common people have found themselves with online communication methods like social media that are heard around the globe in real-time. Real-time communication via social media is considered as the most powerful weapon of the masses for social change that can knock down the shamefaced and heal nations. There are a lot of social media apps that provide the general public with the freedom to speak and COMMUNITYx is one of the best apps to bring actionable social justice immediately.

Introduction to COMMUNITYx App

Founded by activist Chloe Cheyenne,COMMUNITYx is a new social networking app for social good. It is the best platform for both local and global change-makers. The app was designed to bring like-minded people on the same page who unite for positive social change. Everyone can create and execute a good cause on the app or can join a cause that best aligns with their opinions and beliefs. Unlike other social media sites that prioritize popularity and appeal, COMMUNITYx shines the light on social good.

This is the number one social app for social good where changemakers meet and raise their voice on several causes ranging from environmental change to racial justice. They can start virtual protests, petitions, and virtual events on the platform even without getting lost in the algorithm or banned like other social apps.

How COMMUNITYx can Play Its Role to Bring Positive Social Change

In this modern era of life, social media is an integral tool in bringing social change whether locally or globally. We never had a quick and real-time communication medium before. The advanced mobile technology and social media networks have broken all the communication barriers and made it easy for common people to spontaneously express their beliefs and thoughts. Social media these days is a great option to discuss social issues, start virtual protests, or organizing good causes. And COMMUNITYx provides you with a safe space to focus on what’s important and good for the general public even without facing distractions. It could be a great place to make real social change happen with actionable content, protests, and petitions.

Through this app for social good, like-minded people can now easily call out wrong practices, social injustices, and raise a voice in different local, national, and global situations. The app allows you to ask questions instantly, connect with like-minded people and get online petitions signed in real-time.


COMMUNITYx allows you to create and monitor cause-driven protests and communities for social good that are very easy to run from anywhere across the world.

Below are some amazing features that you people can enjoy right after signing up on the COMMUNITYx app.

  • Send & Receive Instant Messages: the app provides its users with a free instant messaging feature. It is cross-platform messaging.
  • Group Chats: COMMUNITYx users can start group chats with their contacts so they can easily stay in touch with like-minded people or family in real-time.
  • Connect with Like-Minded People Globally: anyone on the COMMUNITYx app can find and meet new people with common social interests and beliefs to grow their network. Connected users can also see each other’s activities like post updates, likes, and comments on the platform.
  • Instant Notifications: all users are notified instantly whenever someone in their connections has liked and commented on their posts. In this way, they can respond to the comments quickly to increase engagement and communicate their thoughts in the best possible way.
  • Virtual Social Events: COMMUNITYx app allows its users to create or find local social events, and make plans to meet up with friends online for positive social change. This feature can also be used to raise a voice against any social injustice, climate change, or other global issues.
  • Quick Post Updates: anyone with a valid account on COMMUNITYx can share anything on his/her timeline with other social activists and friends. It helps them quickly highlight the issues that need to be addressed immediately for the sake of the general public.

Bottom Line

Whether you want to raise your voice about deadly climate change, social injustice, women’s rights, or any other liberal issue in between, COMMUNITYx is the best place for you to get started and get your voice heard globally. If you don’t want to create your own cause, you can find a relevant one and be a part of that. The app can also suggest you the most appropriate causes based on your interests. Anyone can create an account on this app for social good who is 13 years old. The app is available for both Android & iOS users and can easily be installed from app stores respectively. Follow the founder @chloecheyennee and @communityxtech on social media.

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