The Best Weapons in Time Shooter 2

Most people love action and combat games to showcase their skills and talent. Several modern high-end titles are available on the web both for mobile and PC users. However, not everyone can play them because of their advanced gaming style and extensive realistic graphics, which are not good for weak-hearted people. Therefore, GoGoMan, a game developer company, has launched the Time Shooter 2. It has a simple interface with a strategic gaming style. You have to pick the right weapon to win the battles. In this guide, I have elaborated on the best weapons in this game.

Time Shooter 2 – Overview

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Time Shooter 2 is one of the best FPS games available on the web. GoGoMan has developed this masterpiece to help users of every age experience the thrill of combats. The game features your character in different areas where time will remain still unless you change your position. During this freezing time, you can assess where enemies are standing and pick the weapons accordingly. One of the best things about this game is that you can fight with enemies in slow motion.

Best Weapons in Time Shooter 2

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In Time Shooter 2, everything can work as a weapon. Nevertheless, you must pick the right one according to the situation to dominate your enemies and win the battle. Based on their effectiveness and advantage, I have enlisted some of them in the under-section.


  • Description: Reliable sidearms for close-quarters combat.
  • Advantages: Quick draw, decent accuracy, and versatility.
  • Use Case: Dispatch enemies at short range or when you need a backup weapon.

Pistols serve as reliable sidearms no matter if you are stuck in a tight area or need a backup to fight against enemies. Time Shooter 2 has integrated the Glock 17 and Type 51 pistols in its interface. Their quick draw and decent accuracy make them essential tools for any time-traveling warrior.


Assault Rifles

  • Description: Fully automatic rifles with moderate recoil.
  • Advantages: Balanced damage, reasonable rate of fire, and effective at medium distances.
  • Use Case: Engage multiple foes or suppress enemies from a distance.

Assault rifles are versatile weapons that can enable you to deal with close as well as long-range enemies. Time Shooter 2 features a good variety of such weapons, including AKM, AK-74M, and others. One of the best parts about this weapon is that you can customize it in the game inventory. It will give you a personalized experience.

Assault Rifles


  • Description: Devastating at close range.
  • Advantages: High damage per shot, significant for clearing tight spaces.
  • Use Case: When you want to turn enemies into Swiss cheese up close.

Shotguns can be the top choice when you are involved in close-quarter fights in Time Shooter 2. They use 12GA buckshot or slugs, making them effective against armored targets. The spread of pellets ensures hits on vital areas when you’re up close and personal with enemies. While shotguns aren’t as customizable as assault rifles, they excel in raw stopping power.


Sniper Rifles

  • Description: Precision instruments for long-range kills.
  • Advantages: High damage, excellent accuracy, and scope for precise shots.
  • Use Case: Eliminate distant threats or take out enemies with headshots.

Sniper rifles are precision instruments designed for extreme accuracy. In Time Shooter 2, you’ll wield rifles like the Mosin and M700. These guns excel at eliminating distant threats, and headshots are your best friend. Take your time, line up the shot, and make it count.

Melee Weapons

  • Description: Unconventional but effective.
  • Advantages: Silent kills, so there is no need for ammo.
  • Use Case: Surprise enemies by picking up axes or other melee tools.

Sometimes, a blade is all you need. The Ka-Bar knife is your trusty melee companion, silently dispatching enemies when ammo runs low. Sneak up on foes and deliver a lethal strike with precision and finesse.

Key Takeaways

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Although Time Shooter 2 seems extremely easy to play, you must learn some tactics to combat enemies and move to the next level. These are explained below.

  • Before moving to and fro, you must assess the surroundings to locate the enemies. Identify the areas where you can take cover for protection.
  • Try to turn down the enemies from a distance to minimize the chances of your death. However, you must pick pistols for immediate fight.
  • Picking the right weapon is also necessary. Use the frozen time wisely to analyze your surroundings and make decisions accordingly.

Pros and Cons of Time Shooter 2

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  • Easily accessible
  • Simple interface
  • No learning curve is required
  • It can be played on all devices.
  • No special gaming gadgets are needed.


  • Lacks advanced features

Final Thoughts

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These are the details about the best weapons in Time Shooter 2. You can pick any of them according to the situation to fight against enemies and win the levels. However, it is important to stay vigilant and keep a deep eye on the surroundings to monitor the activities. Otherwise, you will be unable to dominate the combat. Utilize the freeze time perfectly to analyze the situation and enemies’ positions. It will let you make a more informed decision about picking the weapon. Lastly, make sure that your Internet connection is strong. It will help you have seamless entertainment.


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What is the best weapon in Time Shooter 2?

While all weapons are highly functional, the pistol is the most accessible and useful one, as it can help you protect your character against short-range enemies quickly.

Is Time Shooter 2 free?

Yes. Time Shooter 2 is completely free to play, and it is available on Crazy Games. Just access the website and enjoy a thrilling experience.

How to Play Time Shooter 2?

Pick the weapon during the freeze time and then locate the enemies. Start firing on them to kill them. Ultimately, you will move to the next level after winning.

What is Freeze Time in Time Shooter 2?

No enemy will move when you don’t move your character in the Time Shooter 2. It is called Freeze Time. However, you can pick the weapons during this period.

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