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Writing is a big part of life. Whether you’ve expected it to be something you do often or you’re surprised at all the ways writing shows up, you are going to have to spend a considerable amount of time with letters and words. We all write for different reasons; maybe you write because it’s part of your studies or career (like if you’re a student, a teacher, a professional writer, a blogger, a poet, or a transcriber), or maybe because you must input information into a computer (like if you’re an administrative assistant, a doctor, a lawyer, a social worker, a customer service representative, or a data entry clerk).

Even if you don’t have a position that aligns with any of the above reasons, you’d probably be surprised at how often writing is part of your life if you stopped to think about it. We send texts back and forth to our friends and family; we compose and respond to emails; we communicate with our work teams through multiple channels via chat features; when applying for jobs, we write our resumes and fill out responses; some of us enjoy journaling or tracking different aspect of our lives, and even writing out to-do lists counts!

What Tool Can Help You Keep Track of Your Writing?

With all the writing we do, it makes sense that we would need a way to keep track of how many words we’ve composed. That’s why a word counter can help you know exactly how many words you’ve typed. Just imagine what people must have had to do in the past before such a feature existed—counting each individual word would take forever!

Some reasons why you might need to keep track of how many words you’ve written include:

  • An assignment with a word count
  • A job application answer box with a word count
  • Staying within an Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn post’s character limit
  • English paper editors checking how many words are in their assignments
  • Writing for an employer who pays by the word
  • Meeting a daily word count you’ve set for yourself

The reasons are endless but the truth is that at some point in your life (and maybe even on a daily basis) you’re going to need to answer the question, “How many words are in this piece of writing?” Word counters can certainly help!

What is the Best Word Counter?

So how can you know where to go to get an accurate word count for your writing? The Word Counter is a free website with a super simple and accessible interface. You simply enter the home page of the site to find their word counter. Here you can either copy and paste your words into the text box or you can type directly into the space and get an accurate reading as you go!

How Can The Word Counter Help?

We love The Word Counter due to the fact that tracking your word count literally could not be any simpler than through their straightforward setup. In addition to its accessibility, we love how your words are not the only thing being counted; whether you type directly onto their site or copy and paste, you also get a reading of your character count, your sentence count, your paragraph count, and even your page count!

Plus, their site acts as a one-stop-shop for any typing project you can think of because it allows you to adjust formatting as you type (or after you’ve copied and pasted) such as through changing the font and font size, and it allows you to turn on autosave and their active grammar checker. That way, as you’re writing you are also receiving suggestions on your grammar. 

Other Features They Offer:

Another bonus feature you’ll find if you scroll down a little from the word counter text box is word character tracking for the popular platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Google. For example, since tweets are limited to 280 characters, The Word Counter shows how many of those characters you’ve used. This makes it an excellent resource for when you want to write a Facebook post description, a tweet, or a Google ad.

Below this, it also shows the estimated reading level and reading and speaking time for your writing, plus a list of highlighted keywords that appear in your piece and their frequency. Because of these extra features, The Word Counter is a great tool for search engine optimization (SEO) and digital writers. 

More Than Just a Word Counter!

Aside from their word counter, here are some of the other features The Word Counter offers that you can take advantage of:

  • Word Unscrambler
  • Character Counter
  • Grammar Checker
  • Random Word Generator
  • Random Letter Generator
  • Word Comparisons
  • Grammar Tips

When it comes to writing, we need a way to track how many words we’ve written, and this word counter is the best to use because of how accessible it is and the bonus features it offers.

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