11 Tremendous Tactics To Make You A More Creative Web And Graphic Designer

In any trade, vocation or profession, there is a gaping need to get better in order to be able to operate at the cutting-edge of trends and innovation. Here are a couple of ideas that can make you become a better and more creative graphic designer:

  1. Follow niche blogs


Following design related blogs will open you up to ideas that others have tested and proven. The internet makes it possible to aggregate ideas from around the globe on best practices as well as in the revolutionary world of creative designs.

  1. Stick to consistency of elements


The elements of design such as colors, images, fonts and logos have to be applied consistently to project excellent visual recognition. Whether you are working with typeface, text or color palette, there is a need to show a consistent streak and this is far preferable if your work must be projected as professional.

  1. Optimize space with image crops

Image crops allow you to overlay text provided there is copy space that you can utilize for this purpose. White spaces allow symmetry and if you enlarge quality images, this can be made possible.

Images have a particular appeal that draws attention and it pays to work on ideas that will lead to better results instead of being traditional.

  1. Become a collector

Inspiration is not always from within as it can be spurred by what you see around you or hear. If you come across a design that tickles your creative juices, possess it and add it to your files.

When you flip through your filed images, you can get inspiration along a given direction that can enhance your creativity. Whether you see these in newspapers, leaflets or electronic media makes no difference; your ability to recognize and grab the images is what is important.

  1. Attend lectures


When you are deliberate about boosting your creativity, you will search out lecture schedules of designers around you. This can be at the local gallery, colleges or universities.

A chance to learn something new should never be allowed to slip away even if you are paying for it or having a free pass. This should not just be when you are creatively lean or uninspired. Plan a schedule for this and keep to it.

  1. Networking

There are several themed groups and chatrooms online that offer design –only discourse and this should not be difficult for you to search out. Whether it is on LinkedIn, Facebook or elsewhere; look forward to meet like minds and share ideas.

You will not just get a chance to improve on your creativity when you explore this window, but it can also become a platform to collaborate on projects and broaden your sphere of influence.  

  1. Buy books

Books tell the stories of other people and this covers a spread of successes and failures in several fields, profession and life pursuit. You need to have a plan to read about other designers and personalities.

The secret of achievers lies in their stories and when you read about them, you get a chance to dig in and explore a new sector that can boost your creative bent better than you can probably fathom.

  1. Be open to criticism


One way to get better at what you do is to be open-minded about criticism. You can actively seek out criticism by submitting your design to peers and experts to get their take. Beyond this, your clients’ views should also be an avenue for improvement if they are constructive about it.

Do not see criticism as a put down but as an opportunity to boost your creativity and get better at what you do. A new approach, a tweak or an adjustment can all become avenues to boost your expertise.

  1.  Improve old designs


Taking a look at what you have completed over the years can spark your creativity in more ways than one. This can lead to you changing the color formation, layout or even the tone of an old design.

  1. Put in some thought

Anything that is not well thought-over has a chance at coming out sub-par and this is not good for a professional. Give your projects a thought and be sure to exhaust options in your mind’s eye before putting them on paper. Create sketches and allow some slack before you decide on the direction to go.

  1. Create projects for fun

At you free time, do not shy away from creating something new and different. The persuasion for this is that with no deadlines and client pressure, you can come up with a design that is breathtaking and excellent.

Work and file away your designs decently so you can have a chance to review them as you never know when you might need them

Eliza Rafle

I’m an artist and a graphic designer who is currently in content creation about how design and creativity have been helped by dynamically changing technology.

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