Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Conversions

What is Bounce Rate - How to Reduce

Afraid of high bounce rate on your website and in search of how to reduce it? If yes, this concise but comprehensive piece of writing may help you to help reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversions up to an amazing level. But you need to go through the article watchfully in order to get something versatile from here.

Since high bounce rate is one of the major conversion killers, chances are higher that you are getting fewer from your marketing efforts if it is also high on your online presence (website or blog).

What is Bounce Rate? Is it Important?

Basically it is something that shows how your blog or site is sticky. Bounce rate increases when people land to your website but leave it immediately even without visiting a single more page. It is also known as a metric to measure the percentage of website visitors who are landing and departing quickly as well.

According to the leading search engine of the world Google, higher bounce rate is terrible for your brand or business if its success depends on users visiting more than one web pages.

As all bloggers, webmasters and online business owners know that if most of the visitors are departing from a website just after visiting its single page, chances are lower to convert website visitors into customers or permanent readers.

Best Ways to reduce your bounce rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website

A great deal of factors can cause your visitors to leave the website, and you can simply take these ways to reduce your bounce rate on as well as to increase your conversions rate.

Boost the Web Page Speed

The bounce rate of a website will undeniably be high if its take lots of seconds to load its pages. Website speed is the very first thing that a user undergo right after clicking at the link, and improved web page loading speed can help you create a first great impression.

Every single second that your website takes to load, it’s lowering the conversion rate believe or not.

Since a fast loading website or blog can also get rank higher easily in search engines, you must also improve the website speed in order to enjoy the decreased bounce rate.

Ways to reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions.

Content Quality

Whether someone is visiting your website to get some informative stuff or to make purchases online, the content quality of your online presence can make a huge difference between low and high bounce rate.

You must focus on the quality of content rather than quantity in order to reduce bounce rate of your website and increase conversions.

Create content with a balanced blend of text, images, infographics and videos in order to make your visitors stay longer on your website.

When a visitor will find something valuable and engaging as well, he will definitely come back again to you for getting something more and it will reduce the bounce rate incredibly.

how to decrease bounce rate

Reach the Right Audience (Optimize content for the right keywords)

Reaching the right audience is one of the proven ways to reduce your bounce rate because when an odd and unwanted person visits your site and found it useless (in his point of view), immediately leaves the site that causes high bounce rate.

In order to reduce bounce rate of your website, you must optimize your site for the right keywords in order to get the real and valuable visitors from search engines.

Before hitting the publish button, ensure that you have done on-site seo greatly such as catchy blog post title, Meta description and tags etc.

Visitors will bounce definitely if they are not getting something exact that they are looking for.

Website Design is Vital as Well

The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ might be great for some reasons but when it comes to the world of internet, people always judge websites by their design.

The overall layout of a website can help reduce bounce rate if designed creatively with pleasing to eye contents.

A great website design automatically influences visitors to stay longer which is great to enjoy lower bounce rate in results.

Content consistency, text fonts, colors and graphics are basic elements that can make your website awesome or poor in eyes of your visitors.

Logical and Useful Internal Linking Structure

Lots of people always suggest interlinking as the best way to reduce bounce rate of your website and increase conversions, but it will only help you get desired outcomes if logical and useful as well for the visitors.

Instead of adding dozens of interlinks in your blog posts, only link to the other blog post if it is incredibly outlining a specific topic in great profundity.

If you don’t have something relevant and useful related to the post you are about to publish, don’t go for internal links.

Check for Spelling and Typing Errors

Error-freee and properly written content is known as quality content. But when there are common typos and spelling errors in your blog posts, it shows that you don’t care enough about content creation even don’t proofread to get rid of mistakes.

That’s why; it could be the reason behind high bounce rate that you can easily get right by reviewing your content before publishing.


Overall User Experience

User experience is all about the feeling that a visitor may have when spending time on your website. Easy to use and pleasing to eye website can provide a better user experience to your visitors.

For example, if your website is performing well on desktop but when someone wants to open via mobile devices, it provides bad UX, then you have to spend time and money on it in order to provide your users a brilliant experience.

In order to get things in your favor, be cautious about how your users behave while visiting and what are the factors that influence their actions.

Optimize for Mobile

According to the Google, websites and blogs developed with mobile first approach can perform great now and beyond because the majority of visitors are online from their mobile devices.

But the reality is that a big number of websites that still aren’t optimized for mobile first approach and they are facing high bounce rate issues as well.

In order to reduce bounce rate of your website, optimize it for Google AMP and get control over the bounce rate.

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