Top 3 Tech Advancements You Can Expect in 2022

Looking forward to what the future holds? While keeping our minds open to all possibilities in 2022, it also helps to take a look at prominent tech advancements that dominated the stage in the past years, leaving aside the over-hyped new gadgets that are not likely to solve important problems in the long run.

That being said, the past two years have brought us significant breakthrough technologies that we can build upon for many years to come, such as mRNA vaccines that promise to transform medicine, fast recharge lithium-metal batteries that boost the range of electric vehicles, anti-aging drugs, multi-skilled artificial intelligence and … remote everything.

Artificial intelligence is in fact at the core of many recent tech developments and the trend is upward so now would be a great time to get more familiar with it.

What is artificial intelligence?

A simple AI definition would be “the ability of a computer to perform tasks usually done by humans or animals, tasks that involve intelligence and discernment.” An even simpler definition is “teaching computers how to think.”

Omnipresent AI examples are web search, machine translation, online shopping and advertising, autonomous cars, and personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

Artificial intelligence advancements

Thanks to AI’s capability to seamlessly handle repetitive tasks, it is expected to further improve workforce productivity on multiple levels, in a similar way that chatbots already help customer support reps.

Advancements in medicine are also likely, as are better language modeling capabilities. However, the stars of the show will be cybersecurity, the metaverse, and creative AI.


The multitude of IoT devices we currently use — the number of which is only expected to rise — requires improved security that can only come in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning, since IoT devices lack the necessary processing power.

With cyberattacks on the rise, artificial intelligence steps up and helps analysts stay ahead of threats through rapid insights that connect essential dots like malicious files and suspicious IP addresses. This significantly reduces the time needed for making a decision. Another plus is that AI learns continuously, quickly adapting to new threats and risks in the cyber landscape.


This late-2021 buzzword refers to a virtual world with immersive experiences that everyone is looking forward to. Artificial intelligence is a key component of this digital environment, for accurate avatar creation, 3D versions of chatbots, multilingual accessibility, and intuitive interfacing.

To create an authentic, engaging, and scalable VR world, artificial intelligence is a must, but it still poses concerns in terms of potential fraud and deep fakes. It’s up to 2022 to address these concerns and reach the winning answer.


AI is already able to design logos, write songs and blog posts, and create infographics and movie trailers. Creativity is no longer seen as an exclusively human trait, but human intervention is still needed in order for AI compositions to be successful.

As new capabilities emerge, creative AI will go hand in hand with augmenting human creativity, before eventually taking off as autonomously creative and wooing us with never-ending art.

All eyes on artificial intelligence

Society can expect many advancements in 2022 thanks to AI-related innovations, and we are all looking forward to the next life-changing buzz, be it in the medical sphere, business applications or simplifying our everyday life. After all, what is artificial intelligence if not our key to a better future?

Fawad Malik

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