Top 10 iOS App Development Trends to Look For in 2021

Every year a number of entrepreneurs are taking their business online by launching iOS apps. As per Statista, there are more than 1.96 million apps present on iOS, and the number is increasing.

This figure proves that there is enormous competition in the market. Also, new technologies are introduced into the market every year. Therefore, all the business owners, entrepreneurs & developers need to be aware of the latest iOS App Development trends.

Here, we have done in-depth research and found 10 trends that will dominate the iOS app development market in 2021.

So, let’s get started:

Augmented Reality & ARKit

Augmented Reality is one of the most important trends for the year 2021. Even though AR is crucial for iOS developers, the majority of them are now utilizing the ARkit. The main reason is that it offers numerous benefits to developers.

Since Amazon has collaborated with Apple for ARKit, a lot of innovation has taken place. Also, a vast number of interesting features are introduced in every version. For instance, Apple recently released ARKit 4, in which it introduced features like Depth API, Location Anchors, and Extended Face Tracking Support.

Various companies have started using ARKit for developing next-gen AR Apps, and it is a fact that AR will change the facet of iOS Apps.

Core ML

CoreML (Core Machine Learning) released by Google just a few years back is a highly useful tool for users to build top-notch applications for Apple’s different gadgets. Moreover, the framework is suitable for executing various tasks in Siri, Camera, and QuickType.

CoreML works as basic for domain-specific activities. The framework is specially built to provide enhanced performance and offers a vision for image analysis along with acting as a core for natural language processing. Moreover, it offers user-data privacy for improved security.

In short, the iOS app development can utilize machine learning when it’s incorporated with the CoreML framework. Shortly, we might observe developers use COREML for custom iOS app development.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has become one of the essential parts of our everyday life because it is the primary source of interaction between smartphones and other technical gadgets. In short, IoT enables the linking of various devices and the successful transfer of information.

As per Statista, the market size of IoT is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025. 

Industries like agriculture, healthcare, and logistics can immensely benefit from the IoT technology as it allows them to ease their internal as well as external operations.

Moreover, mobile developers have started using IoT to integrate some great functionalities for the end-users. Lastly, we can say that IoT is one of the most essential IoT App Development Trends.


As of now, there are various types of wearable devices in the market, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart jewelry, etc. Various devices have the same set of functions; however, they differ by design.

According to Gartner, the wearable market is anticipated to reach up to $62 billion by the end of 2021.

Wearable iOS Apps have opened new doors for the mobile industry. Now, developers can look forward to iOS App Development and create better apps for industries such as healthcare & fitness and achieve better returns.

Swift 5

Swift 5 was released by Apple in early 2019, and now it is being widely used by developers to create top-notch apps. Apple has released this with Application Binary Interface (ABI) and binary compatibility. Along with this, it consists of raw stings, future enum cases, a result type useful for looking after integer multiples, etc.

Swift libraries will be included in running as well as upcoming iOS, macOS, wearables, and tvOS devices. One of the significant advantages of it is that it is compatible with Linux OS and developers can use it to enhance their skills.

The latest version of Swift, which is Swift 5.3, was launched in September 2020. It comes with a lot of improvements and various features.

Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Out of various iOS app development trends, this will revolutionize the entire industry. Cloud technology is giving organizations the opportunity to store huge data with top-notch security.

Cloud integration is effective & productive for users as well as developers. Users can check any of the apps without installing them on their devices. In contrast, developers can use it to build iOS apps with better security and efficiency.

Due to its immense benefits, various businesses have started building iOS apps using cloud integration.

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a framework that is well-known due to its top-notch benefits. The Homekit enables users to control any of the connected devices or accessories using the app.

The framework allows developers to configure various accessories and then form a new action that enables them to handle devices. This resonates well when you get an opportunity to form a group to initiate a Siri voice command.

Considering the benefits of HomeKit, developers are building products & apps which can be connected to Apple HomeKit. Using these apps, users can perform various actions like turning on/off lights, etc.

Apple Pay

Online Banking and eCommerce are growing rapidly after the introduction of various online payment options. Many people don’t like to carry cash and pay using mobile wallets.

The main reason behind this is; that users don’t require to save any card details on the device; they can make payments via NFC embedded in their devices.

According to Statista, there were around 441 million Apple Pay users across the globe in September 2019 & the number is rising. Hence, if you are looking forward to integrating the payment system, then you must consider Apple Pay.

AI & Sirikit

AI & SiriKit is growing the iOS App development trend. Siri, the personal assistant available in Apple devices, is popular due to its features. Moreover, the combination of AI & Siri has made personal assistants more powerful.

Apple released Sirikit in 2018, and it allows users to access iOS apps and WatchOS using Siri. Moreover, users can access various apps in hands-free mode.

Enhanced App Security

Apple is outstanding when it comes to security. Due to its robust security layers and top-notch secure policies, it’s difficult for hackers to get data from devices.

Even though Apple offers better security, people are now using payment systems & various other things, and their personal data is at risk; therefore, developers should think of offering better security.

Apple released ATS (App Transport Security) which developers can include in their apps to provide next-gen security.


We hope that you have understood the iOS App development trends for 2021. By implementing all of these trends in your business, you can take it to the next level.

Now, if you are planning to integrate any trend in your existing or new app, reach out to a React Native App Development company. They will understand your business requirement, goals, and visions, and then build an effective strategy to create the best iOS app.

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