The Real Value Of Mobile App Development In The Gaming World

The gambling industry in the United States has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity and participation since the relaxation of federal laws in 2018, and casino and sportsbook apps have multiplied at an incredible rate. This has seen a sharp rise in the number of web developers and app designers who want a piece of the action.  

It is a trend that shows no sign of ending as traditional casinos build an online mobile presence, new online-only or mobile-only casinos pop up and sportsbooks also open. This means there is a huge amount of competition for customers and their money – and hundreds of available businesses are always looking to get the edge in the market. 

This is where app development comes in, with developers and designers driving the change in the industry when it comes to attracting customers. Their work behind the scenes to create apps that keep users coming back, again and again, is crucial.

Online casino and poker apps are one thing, but the aforementioned relaxation of regulations with sports betting has proven to be a gamechanger. Sports betting has become the most lucrative market, with its value surpassing $45 billion within the first year.

And this has generated a huge rise in the number of sportsbook apps being developed – from big players like Bet365 and 888 moving into the mobile world to the likes of Caesars sportsbook developed for Maryland wagers and the staple sportsbook apps like Paddy Power and Betfair.

The industry is only going to grow ever more lucrative so it is no surprise that some of the big – and smaller – players in the market are utilizing the experience and expertise of development service providers to provide them with the best shot of seeing off the competition.

Gambling on the go

Billions of people around the world own smartphones and their entire lives are carried out in the palm of their hands. Smartphones are now a necessity in everyday life – not just for connectivity but also for entertainment purposes, banking, and of course gambling and betting.

It is widely predicted that almost three-quarters of the population will be using their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. And with 5G technology becoming more readily available, the

faster download speeds granted by it can make the overall experience so much better.

This has given the onus to casino and sportsbook companies to make the most of the opportunities to provide an all-round experience to their customers and they are working with some of the best web designers and app developers in the world to do so.

Why the dramatic switch to mobile?

Visits and phone calls to the traditional land-based casinos, poker rooms, and bookmakers were the staples of the industry in years gone by. But although all of these options are still in place, the advent of online and especially mobile casinos and sportsbooks have provided users with a highly available on-demand service that the land-based options are struggling to compete with. 

In fact, a lot of the land-based casinos are fast turning to the online world and partnering with app developers to keep up the pace. As more and more states, provinces, and countries around the world open themselves up to the endless possibilities of online gambling that’s a wise move.

In those few areas where even land-based gambling remains illegal, offshore online betting platforms are proving a godsend to those residents who are inclined to take part. And the technology growth, especially on mobile smartphones, has contributed majorly to that.

It means the work that app developers do for mobile casinos and sportsbooks is a key part of the industry. So what do they do?

The methodology in mobile apps

There are many software development companies specifically involved in the internet gambling industry. Thanks to the relaxation of laws and rise in participation, they are taking advantage of the lucrative industry just as much as the gambling companies themselves.

Playtech, Evolution Gaming, IGT, and Real Time Gaming are just a small number of the many companies who use a number of methods in making mobile gambling apps look attractive – from the moment a user first searches to their first click all the way through to their hundredth play and beyond.

Let us run through some of those important points…

  • Striking but easy-on-the-eye visual appeal to focus on the most lucrative sectors/games
  • Easy-to-use interface for instant access to games
  • Regular updates of new slots and games with mobile notifications to alert users
  • Clear and concise user support to assist with their technical issues
  • Secure platform with safe and trustworthy payment methods

By applying their expertise in the above ways, app developers are demonstrating their importance to the industry. In fact, they probably have THE most important role as the work they carry out in actually developing the apps has a direct impact on how successful the platforms are in terms of generating revenue.

This is why the software developers and designers are benefiting hugely from the rapid increase in mobile gambling over the past few years. As the market continues to grow so will the influence of the developers and therefore so will their leverage when it comes to how they can benefit financially too. It’s a huge lucrative cycle.

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