The Basic Electrical Parts You Need For Your Next Tech Product Build

Getting your next tech product build completed takes a bit of know-how, specifically in the electronics space. Not only do you and your tech team need to know where to place specific components for the prototype, but you also need to know the electrical parts needed to make it all happen.

This can certainly be a challenge for any new tech startup founders, or tech product entrepreneurs. Why? You may not have much background in the electrical space. It is all about combining the parts needed, like transistors and/or JFETS for instance, to make everything come together.

Essentially, it is all about knowing the basics behind electrical components, how they work, and what systems you will need to create. To help you aspiring tech startup founders or tech entrepreneurs get moving in the right direction, we compiled this list of basic electrical parts you need for your next tech product build.


One of the most complicated electrical components you will need to know about for your next tech product build are transistors. Transistors are essentially used to construct complex systems, like amplifiers for example. You can think of transistors as a switch in many respects, the on and off that makes things work.

However, transistors are a bit more advanced than the on and off switch in your home. They have multiple output states that cannot be changed manually. The only way a transistor can change its state is for a current to pass through it. This makes controlling current flow important when it comes to transistors.


The resistor is the most common electrical component you need to know about before beginning your tech product build. Resistors are basically resistors to electricity that flows through them. Whenever there is a flow of current that needs to be controlled at a certain area, a resistor is used.

For instance, you can find resistors in LED lights, because without them, the LED may not work correctly. They are also common for smart home devices. You may even be considering building a tech product that has some component of smart home technology. A resistor is good to know in this case.


If you think of resistors as cushions that control the flow of electricity, capacitors are the rechargeable batteries that store the energy needed to keep them charged. So when you begin your tech product build, you will now know that resistors and capacitors go hand-in-hand.

The two main functions of a capacitor are: Allowing AC to flow through them, and resisting the flow of DC through them at the same time. This is what stabilizes an electrical circuit in tech products. And there are two different types of capacitors, polarized and non-polarized.


Inductors are used in tech products to build complicated electrical systems. They are kind of like transistors in this way. However, unlike transistors, inductors are the coils of wire that are used to be wrapped around other electrical components. Think of them as filters.

Inductors are not used very often, because they are normally only implemented for very complex tech products that need more than basic circuit systems. But you may have a project that will need an inductor or two, so they are great to understand and have on hand in your tech startup lab.

Integrated Circuits

We have touched on circuits in the above electrical parts sections, so it is time to discuss one in a bit more detail. This is where integrated circuits, or ICs come into play. Integrated circuits are electrical parts that simply combine different electrical parts. They are sort of like connectors. This also includes all the above parts as well.

One integrated circuit can be a transistor while another integrated circuit can act as a resistor. You can think of an IC like a made to order chip that is ready to complete any tech product project you have going on.

And as you upgrade from the basic electrical components to the more complex integrated circuits, you will be moving into more complex builds. You will also find working with integrated circuits a bit easier for your tech projects as well.

Wrapping It All Up . . .

The above electrical parts you need for your next tech product build are among the most popular. You will need to do a bit more research to define what specific electrical components you will need for the specific project you have. The above will get you in the right mind space to begin plotting what you will need for success. Happy building!

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