Skills to Look for in a Front-End Developer

A front-end developer is a software engineer who implements different designs in a website through coding such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. When a user visits a website the first interaction that makes him pleased and delighted is created by the front-end developer. The developer improves the website’s layout, navigation, look, and front page to be in an attractive shape and grow its worth. It results to improve the user’s experience too when they visit.

Remarkably, when you are heading a website, put interestingly focus to design a website with a mindset of being appreciated by the visitors. This is the kind of activity that front-end developers perfume to grow the level of the website. There are numerous developers encompassing here but a well-skilled person is needed. In this note, you will come to know about the skills that should be in front-end developers for growing the front look attractive of your website.

The Responsibilities of a Front-End Developer

These are some responsibilities that front-end developers must need to have.

  1. Deciding web page structure and design
  2. Strike a balance between aesthetic and functional design.
  3. Developing features for enhancing user’s experience
  4. Making sure the web design is capable for smartphones
  5. Keeping your brand consistent throughout the whole design
  6. Make sure your web page is optimized for the best scalability and speed
  7. Employ a diverse selection of languages to design your web page

Skills to See in a Front-End Developer

If you are looking for a front-end developer, many skills are there which are very required to be seen in a developer. Here are some most important skills you can see when you are finding them.

There are three primary and fundamental coding languages that must need to use by the web designer while designing a web app and website.

  • CSS
  • JavaScript


HpyerText Markup Language (HTML) is considered the most basic block of web coding. It is clear that without these two skills this is impossible to design a website. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language to use for creating a web page.

HTML is very helpful to create the foundation of a page. Although, CSS can be used for creating the layout of your page, fonts, style, and color. Both of these languages are very essential for becoming a front-end developer.


JaveScript is also considered an important tool for designing a website. If you looking to add interactive features to your website such as video and audio, scrolling abilities, games, and page animations, you just need to use this tool. JavaScript has libraries like JQuery and extensions. More interestingly, the collection of plugins helps to make your website easier and faster to use.

jQuery has a common task to compress multiple lines of JS code. You can also use jQuery for many things such as search form autocomplete, countdown timers, and resizing grid layout.


JavaScript and CSS are a collection of JS and CSS files that accomplish different tasks which are provided by the common functionality. Instead of taking a start with empty text documents, you can start your code file that has already many JavaScript.

JS frameworks provide a ready-made structure for your JavaScript code. There are different frameworks available including Backbone, Angular, Vue.js, React, and Ember that can use for different needs. The five mentioned frameworks are very popular in job listings. These are also required the most when you have to find a front-end developer.

Responsive Design

There are different gadgets like tablets, desktops, and mobiles that people are using to see web pages. The website should be adjusted in a way to any device where the users are not required to put in any extra effort. This can be possible due to responsive design. This is one of the major roles of a front-end developer using the responsive design and how to implement it on the coding side.

This is the intrinsic part of the CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. These all are skills that are interconnected with one another when you learn one you often make progress in others as well at the same time.

Version Control/Gift

Version control is a way to control and track changes in your source code. It saves you not starting from the beginning when there goes something wrong. This is a kind of tool that can be used to track the changes that you made previously. It helps to know all about what was wrong there without tearing all the things down. A good web developer must have an idea about using this tool while designing a website.


Testing is also very important for any project keeping bugs away. This is the reason a front-end developer needs to possess the ability and skill to debug and test codes. There are multiple testing ways for web development. Functional testing sees the particular area of the functionality on a site and make ensures it is doing all the things according to code.

Unit Testing is also another method to test the smallest piece of code and examine it individually for the correct operation. This is also playing a great part in front-end development courses and frameworks can also help you. Programs like Jasmine and Mocha are designed to simplify and speed up the testing process.

Web Performance

This is very crucial to sure that your website performs efficiently without having any glitch. Web performance identifies the amount of time taken while loading your site. If you are facing any problem with your website performance times there are ways that can be followed to improve its performance such as optimizing images and minifying JavaScript and CSS.

Programs like gulp and Grunt can be utilized to automate CSS and JS minifying, image optimization, and other website performance chores. It helps a lot in making a web more efficient and smoother. 

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Final Verdict

The front-end developer pays duties to design a website by using different web technologies. It has a great part in creating an attraction on the website’s front page. It Provides the visitors with a movement of pleasure and happiness. If you are looking for a skillful front-end developer it is very easy now to get an idea from this detailed note. You can come to know all the basic things that you need.

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