SEO Mistakes To Avoid With Website Content Marketing

There was a time when search engine optimization was only focused on keywords and on-page SEO techniques but that has changed over the past few years. Now internet users have become more aware of what’s real and what’s fake. This makes it crucial for the websites and global organizations to focus more on content marketing because there is nothing better than providing information on a popular issue along with advertising your company on the back end.

This is what most of the internet advertisement agencies do these days as they encourage their clients to invest more time and money into website content marketing. Just like regular SEO, there are also two sides of website content marketing; organic or good and nonorganic or bad. The search engine optimization that you perform on the website content defines the content as organic or nonorganic.SEO mistakes to avoid with website content marketing

7 most common SEO mistakes to avoid with website content marketing:

  1. Use of keywords:

    A few years back, SEO was the name of focusing the entire content of a website around just 1 popular keyword. It was the time when search engines used to evaluate the content of a website through these keywords but that’s not the same case anymore. These days, search engines have better and more advanced algorithms to analyze website content and they no more focus on just keywords. One important content marketing tip is to add the relevant keyword 2-3 times in each post but don’t stuff the content with the same word and use the keyword wisely so it doesn’t appear odd in the content.

  2. Having bad external links:

    External links are very important for search engine optimization. These links define the worth of your website in the search engine listing but they are only effective if the links are relevant and they connect your website to other high-quality websites. Getting hundreds of poor quality backlinks or external links is not a problem but having bad external links might make your website appear as a spam in search engine listings.

  3. Ignoring old content:

    One of the most important content marketing tips is to remember your old posts and blogs because they can be still very useful for your website even if the information is outdated. The trick here is to visit your most viewed pages and posts to check what kind of information made visitors come back to your posts most often and this way you can either update the outdated information for more visitors or even create new focused content with same ideas.

  4. Making the content too dense:

    Internet users have a specific pattern when they search for some information on a website. No one wants to spend an hour looking through a long article just to find that it’s not even helpful. Internet users move to a different website if they can’t find information quickly. This means you need to focus more on headings, bullet points and highlighted figures in your content. Also, keep the length of the content up to 3-4 paragraphs and always add a conclusion part at the end that summarizes the whole content in just 3-4 sentences.

  5. Prioritizing quantity over quality:

    One of the most common mistakes while creating content for your website is to go for higher quantities of posts i.e. articles and blogs but not considering the quantity of each post. One of the most common content marketing tips from professionals is to always consider the worth and quality of content before publishing it on the website. Keep in mind that having hundreds of poorly written and useless articles on your website won’t help you but a small number of quality posts might be a better idea to go with.

  6. Creating problems for search engine crawlers:

    Does your website have lots of PDFs or is there a JavaScript on your website? If so, it can create some errors and problems for the search engine crawlers. If your website is easy to crawl and navigate, search engines will consider it as a good and friendly website but if the website takes more time to load, it might be considered as a bad website or even spam.

  7. Focusing only on one search engine:

    Surely Google is the top and most important search engine on the internet but it’s not the only one. There are dozens of other popular search engines as well including Bing and Yahoo. This means if you only optimize your website for Google, other search engines might consider your site as spam and this can limit the extra visitors your website can get from other search engines. While doing SEO, make sure to optimize your website for all top search engines.

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