Rating Review of Samsung Laptops in 2021

We all know that Samsung is cutting edge in almost all types of electronics because it is a reputable brand. Whether we talk about smartphones, air conditioners, tablets, refrigerators, or other technology gadgets, Samsung is cutting edge in all fields. But once you want to buy a new gadget for instance Samsung laptop, you should take a deep look at the brand reviews and product reviews. One main reason is that it has made service centers all across the world to provide ease to its customers. Fulfilling the demands of customers and giving them better output than their expectations is the unique behavior of Samsung. Because it is the top and most popular brand.

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When we talk about laptops, we analyze that these are not that much popular with the audience. They lack a huge customer base. these laptops, although, not have a good reputation in the past. The main reason was poor build, lack of proper plain design, and short battery. But the story is not the same in the case of all Samsung laptops such as ATIV Book 9 and ATIV Book 9 Plus generated very good reviews because of its’ excellent specifications in ultra-thin body design.

Brand Ratings of Samsung by international sources in 2021

Let us take a look at the international rankings of this brand so that the decision of Samsung laptop purchase and review would be easy.

Samsung brand Ranking by International sites and critics

Samsung brand was ranked in 2021 at:

  • Number 5 in INTERBRAND’S 100 BEST GLOBAL BRANDS by making a brand value of 74.6 billion US dollars that is a 20% increase as compared to the previous year.
  • Number 5 by BRAND FINANCE in BrandFinance Global 500.
  • Number 8 by SyncForce in RANKING THE BRANDS TOP 100 POSITIONS.

People’s reviews about Samsung laptops:

General review

Although previous models of Samsung laptops are of average quality. They don’t impress the customers. Well, the buyers cannot be blamed for this because nobody would spend bucks for average quality gadgets. When you can buy a good quality laptop of another brand at the same price.

But wait, have seen the latest Laptops of this company? They are just awesome and Samsung has improved a lot in this field. For instance, The recently launched note-worthy Samsung laptop e.g Galaxy Book Odyssey (a gaming laptop) that are completely designed beautifully with portable metal chassis. Also, it is powered by an Ultralight design with an AMOLED screen. Notwithstanding that it is expensive (Price: $1399.99) but the specs and features are impressive and captivating. The Samsung customers expect always the best from it and Samsung is improving a lot to save its people from disappointment.

Design review (74/100)

Although the previous reputation of Samsung laptops is not good now Samsung has improved a lot and its latest laptop is attractive. For instance, Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Chrome Book are something worth it. So, by reading such customer reviews related to designs of the latest Galaxy Books, it got an average rating of 74/100. Samsung has also redesigned some models of laptops and relaunched them in the market. This model generated a great review.

Support And Warranty period (73.3/100)

The brand’s customers are friendly enough with it in giving an honest review. Samsung laptop generally have at least 1 year of warranty. But in the latest Samsung laptops, 2 years of warranty is also offered. So it offers a bit low warranty when compared to other brands’ laptops. Another huge low rating factor is that whenever you open the back panel, you void the warranty at that instant. That is a huge turn-off for the customers and its average rating becomes (73.3/100).

Innovations in Samsung laptops (70/100)

Although the previous record of Samsung’s innovation in laptops is not that much good. But now it has introduced more and more features for instance Galaxy Tab S7, and other premium touch screen laptops that closely link with tablets and laptops. Notwithstanding that its past releases are flat, the new and latest launched laptops are worthy. So when we talk about innovations, Samsung got 70/100 rating score in this factor. If Samsung continues to innovate its laptops in the future, then it will get a much higher rating.

Selection choices (80/100)

The company has made the laptops ranging from the cheap ones (e.g Samsung XE500C13-K03US Chromebook 3) to the expensive and premium ones containing very high-spec Laptops (e.g Galaxy book pro 360). For instance:

If you are interested in gaming laptops, hen Galaxy Notebook 9 Penn 13″ is a nice choice. It has an 8th generation i7 8565U processor that is backed by Intel UHD graphics, 512GB SSD, and the 8GB of Ram. The Notebook Pen 15″ has specs with 16 GB of RAM and is costlier than the previous explained version.

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If you are interested in writing or art, then Notebook 7 is made for you. Because this notebook is pretty good for doodling, drawing, annotating, and fast scrawling.

Similarly, in a mid-range laptop, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z is a good one. Even you can also take it as a gaming laptop.

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Similarly, Notebook Flash is a good one for basic and everyday computing chores and simple tasks. It is a retro-styled Notebook and is available in an affordable range of $349.

Hence, by doing complete research on Samsung brand regarding laptops, I found that its rating score should be 80/100.

Overall Rating review (75/100)

After a deep and critical analysis of laptops made by the Samsung, we can conclude that Samsung is doing its best to launch more and more laptops. And we can see these efforts and still its some laptops are matchless in their versions. It is not as combative as other brands.

But its selection of machinery is unique and most durable. You just need to find out which Samsung laptop is best for you and would suffice your needs and your range!

Should you buy a Samsung laptop?

If you want a reliable and durable laptop, then the Samsung laptop is cutting edge over all other laptops circulating in the market. But it’s also a fact that Samsung machinery is a bit expensive than other brands.

Key elements that are the strength of Samsung laptops:

  • Decent value
  • Selection Choices
  • Reliable machinery
  • Better tech support for you

Weaknesses of Samsung laptops:

  • Expensive
  • Not contain a very large range of laptops
  • Poor designing (but it is improved now)
  • Average warranty

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