PPC optimization and brand bidding – Deciding the future of brand protection

PPC-for-BrandingHave you been wondering what constitutes the future of brand bidding in PPC? What are the trends that the search engine marketers will capitalize on? The Search Monitor, as an ad monitoring platform with enough reach has a lot of access to performance data on brand bidding. Lately, it was seen that the top PPC performers are defending their brand images while simultaneously bidding on the brand searches of others. There are many marketers who pay little attention to their brand searches and are missing out on the opportunities to bid on the terms of the competitors. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on the future of brand protection and the vital trends in brand bidding.

  1. Agencies will include brand bidding: Experts predict that brand bidding will soon become one of the greatest optimization tools. Agencies will use brand bidding to enhance client campaign performance, boost their business development and also increase retention. You can see an agency using brand bidding to boost the CPC or cost per click of their company. There will be a drastic growth of brand optimization skills, especially when you pitch those stronger brands.
  2. Regulated industries check beyond SERP: There has been seen an uptick in demand for content monitoring. Content monitoring includes monitoring of the landing pages, the blogs, websites and emails based on the rules that have been created by the owner of the brand. The finance industry and pharmaceutical have to follow marketing rules from the government. The FTC now needs disclaimers on blog and review sites which promote retail products.
  3. URL hijacking will have an impact: URL hijacking or direct linking is a kind of brand bidding where an advertiser uses the URL as their display URL. Some such common offenders are the phishing sites who want to hijack your traffic and slip by the editorial review of the engine. If you’re facing URL hijacking, you will see your ads get replaced by the hijacker’s ads which hugely impact your optimization efforts. Therefore, search engines might as well stop an activity before verification.

All the above mentioned tips will safeguard your brand and bid effectively on the others. You may even check out some keyword selection, effective techniques of bidding, legal options and go through some case studies to know more on this.


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