Opera Enables Users to Download and Utilize LLMs Locally

Opera has recently announced a groundbreaking decision to allow its users to utilize the power of Large Language Models, more often termed LLMs, by downloading them directly on their computers. In this way, they can leverage the potential of advanced AI models without requiring any external server. As a result, they can have an enhanced browsing experience and enjoy incredible perks. This innovative approach is expected to boost the popularity and fame of the browser while benefiting the users.

Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) are advanced AI models that are designed specifically to generate content like that of human language. Thus, they possess the power to provide you with amazing outputs. Nevertheless, ethical concerns are there. Proper implications are there to ensure the safe and wise use of this advanced technology in different applications such as chatbots, natural language processing models, and content tools. Opera has allowed users to access these LLMs and download them to their local PCs quite conveniently. In this way, AI capabilities are expanded.

Opera’s LLMs

TechCrunch has detailed the LLMs offered by Opera to its users. In the beginning, the browser provided these models only to Opera One users as they received developer stream updates. In addition, the browser is looking forward to offering early access to the advanced AI features. The notable models available to the audience are Gemma from Google, Llama from Meta, and Vicuna. Above all, you can pick from more than 150 models, related to 50+ different families.

Opera is currently leveraging the Ollama framework inside its browser which is open-source and is very efficient in operating these models. Although the selection is currently limited only to Ollama’s library, the company is planning to incorporate models from different sources in the near future. All the LLMs can occupy 2 GB of storage on the user’s local system, so they must take care of their device storage to avoid potential negative consequences. As the models become more and more specialized, the size will surely decrease. 

Advanced AI-Powered Features

Opera is working quite extensively on taking its browsing capabilities to an advanced level with the help of artificial intelligence. The Opera GX, launched in May 2023, is a dedicated gaming browser that features advanced AI-powered features. Moreover, it is looking forward to generate another AI-designed browser for iOS devices to meet with the Digital Market Acts of the European Union.

Future Prospects

Opera’s move to let users download and access LLMs is a brilliant step toward AI democratization. It will deliver an easy route for developers and researchers to experiment with various LLMs and use them for various purposes. Also, it will play a role in enhancing privacy and reducing latency.

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