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MyFlexbot Overview – Everything You Need to Know

Amazon Flex is a competitive profession. Drivers have to constantly keep an eye on the available blocks on their Flex apps. To help them out with it, they tend to use third-party applications.

One such tool that was famous a while ago is MyFlexbot. It is an online tool that works as an automated Amazon Flex Grabber. This tool remained popular for a very long time until its official shutdown a while ago. Since then, people who work as Amazon flex drivers have been using alternative tools for automatic flex grabbing. That’s what today’s blog is going to be all about. Here, we will take a brief look at what the MyFlexbot tool was and why it got shut down.

Myflexbot is an online tool that was used by many Amazon flex drivers for quick and automatic flex grabbing. Drivers could easily find available blocks with the help of this tool so that they don’t waste any time. This tool offered a lot of features that made it the first choice of such drivers.

What is Myflexbot

It basically streamlined the whole batch-grabbing process. For example, if a batch was available nearby, it would identify the user about it immediately. After that, the user would accept the batch and work on it to make money.

You can call it a basic gig-hunting tool. There are always a lot of flex drivers out there so you have to be quick in grabbing batches so that you can seal the opportunity before them.

Now, as mentioned earlier, the tool got shut down some time ago. So, let’s take a look at some possible reasons why this may have happened.

The exact reason for the shutdown of MyFlexBot is not discussed by the authorities. However, there are some possible reasons why this tool was shut down. Before we discuss that, we have to go over how crowded the profession of Amazon Flex driver is.

This profession got trendy after the launch of Amazon Flex back in 2015. An average Flex driver earns somewhere between $18 to $25 an hour. Usually, people choose this field as a part-time job. However, many people have made it their full-time profession in recent times.

This has made this profession very competitive. So, people started using tools like MyFleBot to grab batches before anyone else. Although this may sound like a very useful thing, it violates the terms and guidelines of Amazon Flex.

So, there are 2 possible reasons why MyFlexBot got shut down:

  1. It violated the terms of Amazon Flex and got penalized.
  2. It faced general business ups and downs and decided to shut down.

Whatever the reason is, the ending of this tool may have impacted many Flex drivers. Fortunately, many other platforms have developed similar tools to help Flex drivers grab blocks easily. Before we begin discussing them, we have to understand how a general tool like MyFlexBot actually works.

The working mechanism of a Flex Grabber tool like MyFlexBot is very straightforward. However, before we can comprehend how it works, we have to go over how an Amazon Flex driver grabs a block while working.

How does an Amazon Flex driver grab a block?

An Amazon Flex driver grabs a block with the help of the Flex app. This application contains all the information and data about the available blocks in a certain area. Whenever a block becomes available, the driver has to grab it quickly by tapping on the acceptance option on the application.

Once the block has been grabbed, they can make their delivery accordingly.

The role of the Flex Grabber tool:

As discussed earlier, Amazon Flex is a competitive profession. There are very limited blocks available in a certain area. So, the drivers have to stay alert all the time to accept an available block.

A flex grabber tool automates this accepting procedure. This means that the driver does not have to accept it manually. Since this tool is integrated with the Flex app, it accepts the block immediately after its appearance.

In this way, the driver makes sure they get the delivery block before anyone else.

Now, let’s start discussing some of the very best alternatives of MyFlexBot that you can use for automatic bock grabbing.

1. Flex-Grabber:

The second alternative on our list is the Flex-Grabber. As its name indicates, this is a tool that can help you grab blocks smoothly. It offers a 2-day free trial. However, if you like the tool and what impact it has on your work, you can consider subscribing to its complete version. This app is just another best alternative to MyFlexbot, users can access this through the link,

It’s going to cost you about $69/2 weeks.

Now, let’s take a look at the features this tool offers:

  • It has an SMS notification system. This means you can get notified about the available blocks via messages.
  • It offers unlimited searches for both trial and complete versions.
  • Drivers can use some sophisticated filters to check for specific types of batches according to their delivery regions.

2. MyFlexHelper:

Another top alternative to MyFlexBot is MyFlexHelper. It is a smooth tool that offers an easy way of automatically accepting the available blocks in your area. Once you subscribe to this tool, it gives you a free 7-day trial.

During this trial, you can test this tool to see if this tool is going to work well for you or not. If it does, you can purchase its complete version after that.

Some of the major features of this tool include:

  • It offers advanced algorithms to accept the available blocks faster.
  • It offers different filters such as stations, prices, days, etc. These filters can help you access your required block.
  • The refresh rate of this tool is 100 times per second.
  • It offers notifications via SMS.

3. Flexer:

Flexer is one of the top tools that is being used for automatic block grabbing. It is a well-functioning tool that is available both on iOS and Android devices. This tool offers a bunch of very useful features for Flex drivers. 

This tool is exclusively designed for Amazon Flexes to streamline and automate the process of grabbing. It will save you time from the manual searching of batches, flex blocks, and offers.

Some of its major features include the following:

  • It streamlines the whole procedure of batch searching and offers grabbing. The whole process has become very easy and simple.
  • The process of research for the available batches has become very quick and effective.
  • Other than the quick search and simplicity of this tool, you can apply specific filters to search for specific types of flex blocks and offers.

Using a Flex Grabber tool like MyFlexBot is very easy. Since this tool is not officially available anymore, we can’t explain the exact method of its working. Instead, we are going to discuss how you can use a general Flex Grabber tool.

  • First of all, you have to download the Flex bot that you’re going to use.
  • After that, you have to open it and integrate it with your Flex app. You can do it by following the configuration instructions given by the tool.
  • Once the tool has been configured, you can start grabbing blocks automatically with it.
  • You can try out different filters to make sure you get your desired block.

This is a general method that you can follow to use automatic block grabber tools as an Amazon Flex driver.

Although the usage of a flex grabber tool like MyFlexBot may seem like a profitable thing to do, there are some ethical considerations related to it that you should keep in mind.

1. Violation of Amazon’s Guidelines:

Using such tools means you are violating the direct guidelines of Amazon itself. Amazon Flex does not encourage the usage of third-party bot software tools.

2. Unfair quick access:

Another legal aspect of the usage of this tool is the unfair quick access users have to the blocks. This point can be considered more of an ethical obligation. When you can accept blocks with a refresh rate of 100 times per second, the person who does not use the grabber has no chance of getting any deal.

These two points indicate why using these tools can turn out to be a serious legal offense. So, what else you can do about it? Well, there are different tips and tricks that you can try out to get more blocks without having to use a tool like MyFlexBot.

You can follow the below-given tips for grabbing blocks without the help of a tool:

  • Refreshing is the key to getting new blocks. These blocks keep getting posted at random times. So, you have to keep on refreshing your app to identify them on time.
  • Use a fast Internet service.
  • Make sure to keep your phone in a position where you can access it quickly.
  • Input the right filters while searching for the blocks.

Closing Remarks

MyFlexBot was a famous tool that the Amazon Flex driver used to grab blocks automatically. It offered several useful features that made earning money easier through this profession. Since this platform got shut down, Flex drivers started looking for alternative platforms that could help them grab blocks automatically.
That’s what we have discussed in the information given above. Make sure to read it out to know how to use such tools and whether or not they are legal.


Is using MyFlexBot legal?

Using MyFlexBot is not technically legal. That is because it violates the terms and guidelines of Amazon Flex.

Why MyFlexBot was shut down?

There is no official statement given by the authorities about the shutdown of MyFlexBot.

Is there any alternative flex grabber tool that I can use?

Yes. There are many alternative tools that you can use in place of MyFlexBot. We have discussed some of them above.

How do Flex Grabber tools accept a block?

Flex Grabber tools are designed to accept blocks automatically. They have a feature called the refresh rate. It tells how frequently the tool clicks on the Flex app. The block gets accepted right after it becomes available.

Do I have to pay for such tools?

Most of these tools are paid. You can try out the one that also gives a free trial. In this way, you can see if it works for you or not. After that, you can think of purchasing it.

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