SEO Ranking Drop- Things To Check If Your Website Traffic Suddenly Drops

How to Deal With Sudden SEO Ranking Drop By Taking Vital Things Into Consideration

Whether it is a business website or a gadget blog to provide readers with latest gadget reviews, SEO traffic is something most important to survive in the market because the more peoples you have on your site or blog, the chances of brand recognition, website conversion and search engine ranking are always higher. But what to do when SEO ranking drops suddenly? If there is an unexpected drop in SEO traffic for your website or blog, there can be a lot of reasons such as website changes or alterations, Google update, or a penalty by search engines etc.

So, below are some common things to check if your website traffic suddenly drops and to get things on right track.

Things To Check If Your Website Traffic Suddenly Drops

# Major changes made to the website

Making the major changes to your website or blog like hosting provider change, redesigning or update etc is one of the vital things to check if your website traffic suddenly drops. Your new website design may have poor page load speed, problematic site navigation or some not-working redirects that can cause a drop in SEO traffic. However, you can easily check the stats with help of Google Search Console to find out the things that are not in your favor.

Simply go to Crawl section after logging in to your account, then Crawl Errors, and have a close look at the graphs to find any differences taken place right after the website re-design or update. After downloading the reports, you can check the things clearly to get them right soon. On another hand, use of other SEO tools like AHREFS or SEMrush can help you run a site audit in order to check what is the exact reason behind sudden SEO ranking drop after making changes to your site.

# Loss of authority backlinks

If a high authority backlink can help your site improve its visibility in search engines, loss of the same backlink can hurt your current search engine rank which can be the major reason behind sudden SEO traffic drop. It can happen to your site if you have not created a big list of backlinks and the most valuable link has also been lost. You can make use of the different SEO tools to keep tabs on your website backlinks profile to check whether the loss of backlinks is the reason behind traffic loss or something else. By doing so, you can easily find out the lost backlink and try to get it back in order to bring your position in SERPs back. On another hand, you can also build quality backlinks for your site to improve SEO traffic quickly right after a sudden drop.

# Significant competitors and changes in SERPs

You can experience a sudden drop in SEO traffic if some of your web pages have gone down in SERPs for specific keywords. And significant competitors and SERPs chances can be the reason behind it. You can easily check it by using Google search console and you will need to turn to SERP History tab in Rank Tracker. Once graphs are loaded successfully, there might be new results on some SERPs that are sending less traffic to your site. Improved and well-performing competitor web pages can be the solid reason if you are suffering from dropped SERP positions. In order to get your position back, you will have to upgrade your pages by keeping things into consideration that why and where you fall behind than your competitors. Find the aspects and try to provide your users something more valuable and unique as well to get your SERPs rank back to improve website traffic.

# Google algorithm updates

Google algorithm changes can be one of the vital things to check if your traffic suddenly drops. If the SEO ranking drop happened right after the Google update, then there is need to update your site according to the latest Google ranking factors in order to recuperate your position in search engines to enjoy massive traffic as before.  Through this way, you will be able to find comprehensive details and information regarding what has been implemented by the Google during the process and what you have to do to make your site great again. If a large number of sites affected by the Updates, it is sure that Google has made some major changes to its algorithm. For this purpose, you have to keep eagles eyes on your site link profile, crawl pages regularly and make your site fully optimized with latest SEO trends to keep Google Panda and Penguin off your blog or site.

# Search Engine Penalty

Violating the search engine policies when optimizing your site, can cause a big penalty to make your site vanish from the search engine. And it will definitely bring a sudden SEO ranking drop on your way. You will find a notification in your Google search console account in search traffic > Manual Actions section if your website or blog got caught by search engine’s human reviewers to provide its users quality content. After finding the details regarding search engine penalty, you can take appropriate actions to get things back in your favor. Hence, it may take a while to recover your site from the penalty in order to enjoy good search engine rankings again.

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