Meta has Reduced the Total Price of the Quest 2 Headset and Its Accessories

Meta has recently announced significant price drops in its Quest 2 headset and associated accessories to boost the sale of this product. The Virtual Reality headsets Quest 2 and Quest Pro have been the top priority for people over the past two years. However, the development of the Quest 3 headset has damaged its reputation to a greater extent. Meta has confirmed that the price cuts are permanent and will be available for sale starting Black Friday. The move taken by the owner company of so many social media platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, proves to be mighty effective in the coming days, resulting in an effective increment in the company’s reputation.

128 GB Quest Headset

The 128 GB Quest Headset 2 is currently sold at the price of $299. Meta has announced a solid cut of $50 in the overall pricing structure of this version. Thus, people can grab it for $249 as soon as the new pricing structure is implemented.

128 GB Quest Headset

256 GB Quest Headset

Meta has also confirmed a $50 reduction in the overall pricing structure of the 256 GB version of Quest Headset, which will be available for $299 after getting down from the current figure of $349. Resultantly, users can have significant advantages with these VR headsets.

256 GB Quest Headset

Prices of Quest 2 Accessories

Not only will the Quest 2 models be available at lower prices, but the associated accessories will also be sold with a more significant reduction in total cost. As per details unveiled, the following will be the prices of Quest 2 accessories.

AccessoriesOld PriceNew Price
Quest 2 Elite Strap With Battery$119.99$89.99 
Quest 2 Elite Strap$59.99$49.99 
Quest 2 Carrying Case$59.99$44.99 
Quest 2 Active Pack$69.99$59.99
Quest 2 Fit Pack$49.99 $39.99

Reasons for Price Cut

Meta has taken this step to reduce the total cost of Quest 2 headset and accessories to boost its sales. The company has raised the total price of this VR headset from the $299.99 mark to the $399.99 mark in July 2022. Then, after the announcement of Quest 3, they took the prices back to $299.99. Since then, Meta has now revealed that prices will be dropped greatly to potentially sell more units. 

Results of Quest 2 Price Reduction

The reduction in the overall price of the Quest 2 headset will have a great advantageous impact on the overall reputation of Meta. With such a significant cut in VR and accessories, people will tend to buy more of these products instead of spending money on Quest 3, which is available for $500. 

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