Local search ranking factors of 2017 – Tips for optimizers

Local search ranking factorsIf you’re a search engine optimizer, you should be aware of the importance of local search and why all businesses need to optimize their websites locally. Moz had conducted a survey in 2017 of local search ranking factors and the survey was based on the amalgamated opinions of several local search engine experts who were asked to offer their opinions on the top factors which played a role in local search ranking.

The specific ranking factors are usually determined by rankings in Google’s local pack and also rankings in Google’s organic local search engine results. More and more emphasis is being placed on local pack ranking factors which could possibly be due to the reason that local pack appears before the snippets of organic search.

As per the survey, there are several ranking factors for each section. We will just list down the top 10 local search ranking factors here.

Local Search ranking factors – Top 10

  1. Proximity of address to the point of search
  2. Exact GMB Category Associations
  3. Physical Address in City of Search
  4. Authority/Quality of inbound links to Domain
  5. Domain Authority of Website
  6. Consistency of Citations on the sources of Primary Data
  7. Authority/Quality of Structured Citations
  8. Product/Service Keyword in GMB Business Title
  9. Click-through rate from search results
  10. Consistency of citations on Tier1 Citation Sources

Local Organic Factors – Top 10

  1. Authority/Quality of Inbound links to Domain
  2. Diversity of Inbound Links to Domain
  3. Domain Authority of Website
  4. Number of inbound links to Domain
  5. Topical Keyword Relevance of Domain Content
  6. Click-through rates from search results
  7. Quantity of inbound links to Domain from domains which are locally relevant
  8. Product keywords in anchor text of inbound links to Domain
  9. Geographic keyword relevance of domain content
  10. Responsive website which is mobile-friendly

Other details of the survey

Apart from the above mentioned factors, the survey also sums up the opinions of local search engine experts about what they focus on after the possum update, what they’re focussing on less since the update and what they believe are the top adversary ranking factors.

As per the conclusion of the survey, individual search engine optimizers provide insight into what they see as affecting rankings so far in 2017. Anyone who is looking for ways to sharpen their SEO skills will find enough information from this article.


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