Bluesky Allows Users to View Posts Without Account Creation

Bluesky has recently announced that it will allow its user to look at posts without logging in to their accounts. Thus, it results in enhanced visibility of the posts present on this platform. Over the years, Bluesky has been dominated by tremendous infrastructure improvements. As a result, it is one of the biggest competitor of Twitter currently. The move taken by the company is undoubtedly resulting in more accessibility of its posts to a wider audience. People still require an invitation link to create their accounts and start posting. However, reading the posts can be done through a link only.

Bluesky’s New Feature

This new feature of Bluesky delivers immense benefits to the users. By not requiring an account to view the post, the publishers can embed the posts directly in their blog posts. Additionally, people can share them in their individual or group chats as well. In this way, the information will flow more seamlessly and effectively without taking a great toll on time and effort. Above all, Bluesky has also released its iOS and Android apps back in the beginning of 2023. Although this social network has faced a lot of criticism because of its moderation tools and the quality of the content it allows on its interface, Bluesky has worked really hard to achieve its current status by setting a new set of rules. 

Limitations of the Feature

Bluesky has launched this feature to allow all users to see the posts available on it without creating or logging in to their accounts. However, some users can change their settings to limit the visibility of their posts. If you also want to moderate this feature, you first go to the settings option and select the moderation option from it. In this section,  click on the logged out. In this way, you can stop the social network from showing your posts to the logged-out users. However, Bluesky has revealed that the third parties might not respect this decision and will continue showing your posts anyway. Therefore, if you want to not share your posts with a wider audience, you must make your profile private.

Bluesky’s New Logo

The company’s CEO, Jay Garber, has also unveiled a new butterfly emoji logo for the Bluesky in a blog post. In his statement, he explained that they have noticed that people use butterfly emojis more often to indicate their Bluesky handles. Therefore, they have adopted it. Additionally, he stated that the Butterfly showcases their mission to transform social media into something new.

Bluesky's New Logo

Future Prospects

This new feature of Bluesky will allow users to view posts present on this social network without logging in to their accounts. As a result, it will increase the visibility of the platform’s posts to a greater extent. However, users must be aware of the limitations of this feature and take necessary steps to protect their privacy. The new butterfly logo is also refreshing most of the users and showcasing the company’s mission toward transforming this social network.

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