Let Your Mobile Apps Fly By Hiring Flutter Developers

Every business must have a mobile app these days just as it was (and still is) de rigueur to have a website. The catch is that mobile app development is expensive and time-consuming with the added issues of compatibilities across platforms and devices. One way to overcome all these obstacles and get your app flying in no time at all and at a reduced cost is to hire Flutter developers.

Flutter the complete cross-platform app development platform

Flutter is Google’s cross-platform mobile app development UI toolkit. It is perfect to develop natively compiled applications for Android and iOS as well as for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms using a single codebase. The toolkit is based on Dart programming language and it uses widgets. The beauty of it is that widgets seamlessly look native on Android that uses Material design and on iOS Cupertino plus allowing for custom widget creation. Developers only need to write code once and deploy apps on various platforms. Plus, Flutter can be developed on different IDEs such as Android Studio and VS Code.

There are inherent advantages to using Flutter for native cross platform apps:

  • It is free and open-source. When you hire Flutter developers you pay for their services, not for the software. App development costs drastically reduce.
  • Apps look and work great due to built in UI elements
  • The hot reload feature of Flutter helps developers observe changes they make on the fly.
  • Flutter allows designers and developers to work in sync and watch effects of changes in the app. If you were to use native app development platforms it would require a rebuild with consequent delay.
  • One codebase works for iOS and Android since Flutter is independent of the platform. This means faster development and reduced costs too. Time could be reduced to 20% of what it would take to develop an app using traditional platforms.
  • Quality assurance takes place on an agile basis. One set of test procedures work for both platforms leading to faster time to market and fewer bugs.
  • Flutter-based apps work flawlessly within their limitation.
  • Flutter has a built library of widgets and themes plus options for customization for iOS and Android. Your app looks and feels unique. Flutter incorporates its own rendering engine Skia.  The scoped model permits the data model from the parent widget to be handed down to descendant widgets, automatically rebuilding child widgets when the parent widget is updated.
  • It has backward compatibility for older versions of iOS and Android which means support for more devices.
  • Flutter has easy-to-use plugins for sensors, data, permissions, GPS, Bluetooth and so on.
  • You also get the benefit of Firebase Cloud Messaging that enables message delivery at no cost plus Notification history through OneSignal.
  • Expert Flutter developers can easily make use of Google Analytics, crash reporting, Code Magic, and Bitrise for analytics and deployment.

Still, an app can be complex and you may require features not available in Flutter or difficult to implement but these are overcome when you access expert Flutter developer for hire.

Hire Flutter Developers – sophisticated features

On the face of it Flutter would appear to be simple and easy to use for mobile app creation. Some developers hesitate to use it for business app development due to limitations. This is where you will find it expedient to get an expert Flutter developer for hire rather than employ someone with Flutter skills. The reason is that when you hire Flutter developers you get an entire support ecosystem including developers and teams specializing in other areas of app development and testing.

So, if you wish to incorporate certain features in a business app for which Flutter is not capable enough, other teams kick in and make it possible. Your app could gain AI, database integration, and other sophisticated features not inherent in Flutter. You get the benefit of custom Flutter app programming coupled with external integrations.

They know what to do to get a certain result

It is easy for the human mind to jump from one point to another and visualize things. However, programming platforms are rather rigid and do not quite have that flexibility. You may want a certain feature but its implementation may be difficult or not possible in Flutter or not advisable. Hire expert Flutter developers and they anticipate such issues, will recommend workable app concept and implement apps or plugins or integrations so that your app comes as close to what you visualized. If there is a problem, experts can fix it.

Superior server side API support

The focus on the front end shifts attention away from the importance of the backend. Apps, especially business apps, do not work in isolation and need superior server side API integration. Should you employ a developer for Flutter apps you may find them inadequately equipped to handle this task. Expert Flutter developer for hire along with assistance of other in-house teams will enable expert implementation of these APIs. Backend APIs call for expertise in Json/XML implementation, which is another skill set. With such support client requests are handled flowlessly, enhancing app performance and usability.

Support and upgrades

A mobile app is not a deploy-once-and-forget thing. Operating systems change, devices are upgraded and features of apps must evolve. As such your business app must be updated all the time to keep in step with requirements and trends. This makes it all the more important to hire Flutter developers who can provide solid and continuing support. A company that offers expert Flutter developer for hire is better than finding a Flutter developer on a platform like Upwork. Even if one employee should leave, there are others to take his place and the source code is preserved for easy updates when needed. Post deployment services are just as important as app development otherwise your app becomes dated and loses its appeal.

Like any other platform, it requires in-depth knowledge and years of experience in developing mobile apps to get to a certain level of expertise. You get this when you hire Flutter developers from the right source.

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