Keyword Performance Indicators (KPI) – Which ones should you definitely track?

kpiIf you’re in this SEO industry for a few years now, you would definitely know what keyword performance indicators or KPIs are. They’re leveraged across all industries in the form of a metric or a yardstick of measuring how well a thing is performing or how bad it is working. In Pay per Click or PPC, optimizers can utilize KPIs to analyze the rate of success of a campaign. It is important for a person to comprehend and get a clear idea of the main indicators of the performance of a campaign right from the beginning. In fact, the ultimate objective of every PPC campaign has to be matched with various KPIs during the planning period of the campaign.

If you want to know what your PPC campaign is going to achieve and if you want to improve its performance in the best possible way, here are few KPIs that you should definitely track. Let’s check them out.


All conversions will initiate from a click and this is why this is the earliest indicator of the success of a definite PPC campaign. This is a keyword performance indicator which measures the number of people who have clicked on your advertisement. The managers who manage the entire PPC campaign usually check the accounts all over the month to stop those ads which aren’t working and also increase the bids on those ads which are perfectly working. For measuring mid-month performance of an account, clicks are perhaps the greatest KPI that should be tracked.


Perhaps the most ambiguous KPI for the PPC advertisers is quality score. This is a definite metric that has been created by the search engine giant Google and this metric offers information about how relevant a particular ad is, utilizing further metrics like CTR. The PPC advertisers usually get confused with this KPI as quality score tends to be less simple than the other KPIs like clicks. Google is totally honest about the way in which quality score can be measured and the reason behind its importance.


This works in a similar way as the total count of clicks that has been generated by your company. It is one of the main metrics for measuring the performance of a PPC campaign. Click-through rate can be determined in a process where you divide the clicks count got by your campaign in an entire month by the total number of impressions. By getting this number, you will get to know the number of times your ad was clicked out of around 1000 impressions. This way you can indicate the performance of your PPC campaign but also make sure that there can’t be any perfect campaign.


PPC advertisers usually have a budget on how much they should pay for a campaign and they tend to stick to it. But when they determine this budget while setting the PPC campaign, it doesn’t mean that this is the amount that they’ll pay. Advertisers usually outshine their competitors for acclaiming ad positions through their bids but at the end of the day they pay the next highest price. CPC has the capability of measuring the exact amount paid by an advertiser and by multiplying the CPC with the number of clicks; you can even determine the cost of the campaign.

Therefore, if you wish to track your PPC campaign success, make sure you definitely track the above listed KPIs for getting fair information on what is what. Do your bit of research in order to stay at an edge over your competitors.


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