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Is paid search management software the right option for your business?

overall-paid-search-resultApparently, paid search management software possesses all the glitz and glamour of a technological wonder! It is smart, sleek and it eliminates all the guesswork out of your account management. They say to err is human but computers don’t usually make mistakes. Well, human beings give too much credit to machines and this is why automated account managers are also sold as smarter than they actually are. Sadly enough, when you purchase paid search management software, you’re not buying something automatic but something more like a trained monkey! Check out some questions that you should ask yourself before signing off on this software.

The foremost thing to ask yourself is the reason behind you purchasing this software. Do you just want to keep up with the Joneses? Well, then that’s a pretty bad reason! It is true that everyone wants to stay ahead of their competitors but when it comes to imitating whatever they’re doing, that is sheer foolishness. You shouldn’t just set your paid search without assuming what you’re expecting. Human beings need to supervise paid search accounts with high quality automation to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

  • #2: Is it possible to report on marketing revenue?

Are you interested in producing more clicks through your software monkey? Successful companies never advertise only to get conversions and clicks; they promote their products to improve their sales. Conversions and clicks are definitely good indicators of effective marketing but they are not as same as revenue. Clicks are in fact a portion of paid search advertising which cost you enough money and if you make the decision of hiring a software monkey to get more clicks, you’re in for some danger.

  • #3: How many conversions will I get?

With the paid search management software, you can definitely manage multiple online campaigns as that becomes pretty easier. It has been seen that this takes about 50 conversions or sales per day and it is only then that the software figures out what actually works and what doesn’t. So, in case you’re not driving so many leads, you’re better focus on enhancing the performance of your account before you surrender it to the software program.

Despite all this, paid search management programs really have some wonderful computing ability and some really good features which you should definitely try.


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