Improving Your Aim in Call of Duty: Warzone

Fighting a battle without killing anyone means you’re doing something wrongly. Moreover, you might end up dead because missing your shots attracts the enemy’s attention towards you. So, the first important thing to do is to improve your aim for accurate shots. 

Warzone is a hot battle, and every player must try to defend himself at least all the time. If an enemy shoots at you but misses, you’re expected to return fire and finish him off. But whereby you waste bullets without hitting him, he will land a second shot and kill you. 

So, we will share the important ways of improving your skills below. If you’re struggling right now, we urge you to grab proven warzone hacks to play better. Check them below. 

How to improve your aim in COD

  1. Mouse sensitivity must be accurate 

One of the things that determine a great shot is the mouse sensitivity. If the sensitivity is high, the movement of the cursor will be fast and might disorganize your aim. But when the sensitivity is low, the pointer moves according to the speed of your arm. 

But when it comes to setting these sensitivity levels, there’s no one-level-fits-all here. You have to do that according to your playstyle. So the most important thing is to buy a gaming mouse where you can easily change the DPI setting. Also, bear in mind that lower sensitivity means more hand movement but also ensures better aiming. 

  1. Use suitable optics.

One of the things that ensures an accurate aim is a sight. If you can see the picture of the enemy clearly, aiming for a headshot can be easier. There are many optics in this game, including the Hawksmoor, Axial Arms 3.0x, G.I. Mini reflex, etc. These are some of the best ones, although others exist too. 

Choosing a great optic will help with its high magnification, vision-impairing bulk, etc. With all these capabilities, your aim will be more accurate. So, pay attention to Warzone optics and make the most out of the best. However, pro players recommend blue dot Holo sight or VLK optic. 

  1. Understand your weapon recoil 

Every gun has a unique recoil pattern. Some can push the shooter back, while others might jerk the gun up, right or over. So the ability of the shooter to direct his shots depends on the way he controls the gun recoil. But bear in mind that some guns’ recoil is very hard due to how they move after the shot.

 For instance, AMAX has a complicated recoil that moves horizontally. So, playing with this gun requires more attention and carefulness or else, your aim will be chaotic. But if you don’t want all the recoil drama, you can get a gun like the M4A1. This gun has a high fire rate, high damage rate but low recoil. It might also shock you that the M4A1 stats are incredible and can be tweaked as you want. With a gun like that, your aiming will be better. That’s why you need to learn the gun thoroughly and how to manage the kick. 

  1. Hold a center aim always. 

The way you aim while moving on the map determines how fast you’ll shoot. It also determines how precise your bullets will be in hitting the target. That’s why pro players enjoin beginners to hold a center aim all the time. Don’t let your aim face the floors even when looting because an opportunistic player can kill you. Since it takes time to adjust the aim and shoot, the enemy will get you within the first few seconds. So, always center your aim at the anticipated location where the enemy will appear. 

  1. Play a training game 

Practice makes anyone perfect in everything. So, if you take time to practice aiming in games, there’s no way you won’t improve. The best part is that you can actually access a training tool for that. This might be shocking, but you can train yourself for a perfect aim with an online game? These games are simply designed to help gamers perfect their aim and get accurate shots. One of these training games is 3D aim trainer, which you can get on Steam or play free online. If you use the game to perfect your aim, Warzone will become easier as you drop enemies everywhere. So, dedicate some time to these training games and maximize your potentials. 


If your aim is chaotic in Warzone, you might die too early. The reason is that enemies you failed to kill might return fire at you. So focus on these points above to improve. First, set your sensitivity to suit your playstyle. But remember that lower is better as it ensures more precision. Also, use an aim training game to practice and also master the recoil system of your gun.  

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