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Importance of Web Hosting For SEO – Role of Quality Web hosting in search engine optimization

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO

When it comes to rank higher in search engines, most of the SEO guides, blog posts and digital marketing blogs typically focus on having properly done on-page optimization & getting quality backlinks. In this whole process of getting better SEO rankings for a website, company or brand, the importance of web hosting for SEO is undervalued.

Undoubtedly getting quality backlinks & on-page SEO and strong social signals are vital to secure high rankings in search engines, people usually don’t consider their web hosting provider with search engine optimization campaign as role of quality Web hosting in search engine optimization is undeniable.

Since SEO plays a significant role in appearing at the top on search engine result pages, the web hosting provider you are using for your online store or website might be the major reason your web pages are not performing well in search engines even if your SEO efforts are foolproof.

Why quality web hosting is important for SEO

During the process of search engine optimization to get a visible place for your web pages in search engines, web hosting is usually overlooked but the role of quality Web hosting in search engine optimization is dynamic. Here is how;

#1 Continuous uptime is great for search engine optimization

Uptime can be defined as the time for which the server of web hosting provider is up and website or blog is performing well in search engines. According to the webmasters, a quality web hosting provides its users maximum uptime so the web pages can be functional in search engines for more time.

Downtime is one of the things that can hurt your SEO rankings. Having too much downtime sounds like your website is unresponsive to search engines most of the time and search engine spiders are unable to crawl your web pages to help you get higher ranks. Due to the more downtime, chances of drop in existing search engine ranking are also higher. That’s why, you should always choose a quality web host to get more from your SEO efforts as well as to improve your online reputation.

#2 Website loading speed is also vital for SEO

Since making your web pages load faster is one of the proven website performance optimization tips, website loading speed is considered as a vital ranking factor to improve SEO ranking of a website or blog. In this era of technology and fast internet, people are no longer willing to wait for slow loading website to acquire required details. They move immediately to another one if a website found loading its pages very slow.

No doubt, coding and content of the website can make it slow but web hosting can also make your sites slow due to many reasons. Unavailability of the content delivery network (CDN) and not optimized for your content management system are two major reasons that a web host can make your site slow that will definitely hurt your SEO ranking in results. Always choose dedicated hosting plans in reasonable rates as Bluehost is providing to its users.

#3 Location

Do you believe that web host location can have a direct impact on your SEO rankings? Yes, its true, if you are using a local web host as the home of your website on the web, it will rank in the same country faster but will perform slowly in the international market. Search engines are most likely to rank a website with IP address in the same country.

That’s why, webmasters and SEO experts always suggest to choose a local hosting provider if you want to target the local audience but if you want to target the US by living in another country, try to find the US-based quality web hosting provider or which is best in providing international services.

# 4 HTTPS protocol and SEO

Since Google has stated the HTTPS or SSL as a vital ranking factor, more and more websites are moving toward HTTPS to protect user data. There are many other reasons why you need SSL certificate for your website and maintaining the customer data security is one of them. A quality web hosting will always assist you to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS efficiently even without losing traffic and SEO ranking etc. You can contact the support team to get their specific SSL certificates to make your site secure for users.

#5 24/7 Technical support

You will definitely need to consult with the support team when your website goes down and get you into a panic situation. But what you will do if there are no suitable options to reach the support team immediately? Your site will go down for a long run and your SEO ranking will also go down as results. That is the reason, you should always choose a web host with 24/7 technical support to help you get things in your favor without facing difficulties.

Some more reasons to elucidate the Importance of Web Hosting For SEO

  • Your web hosting provider should always be reliable and fast as well as most of the users are always in hurry and won’t wait for a slow loading site and will not accept a site which is unavailable most of the time.
  • Search engines like Google will not refer their users to slow loading and unsecured sites. That’s why your web hosting should be dedicated and fully supportive to help you move your site from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • If your target audience is your local audience, you should go with a local web host to rank higher in search engines fast.
  • In simple words, the role of quality Web hosting in search engine optimization is imperative and you should choose a quality web hosting in order to boost SEO efforts to get solid SEO results at the end.

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