How to use laptop without power button?

Computers are an important part of our lives. They help us to stay in touch with business partners, friends and family. Every year hundreds of millions of laptops are produced around the world. We use laptops for everything from browsing the web to watching movies.

As time goes on these laptops will start to develop faults. One of the most common faults with laptops is that the power button stops working. The power button allows us to turn the laptop on and off, but what do we do if the button stops working? This blog will look at some of the different ways you can use a laptop without a power button.

So, let us discuss that how to use laptop without power button?

How to turn on laptop without power button

Firstly, you need to take your laptop apart. To access the motherboard (the thing the power button connects to), disassemble everything until only the motherboard is left. The purpose of the power button is simply to complete a circuit that gives your device power when pressed.

So, while you rewire your computer’s insides, look for two points on the motherboard that would usually be connected by a finger when using a mechanical switch as an energy source. Connect these two together, and then your laptop will be on. This is the simplest way to turn on a laptop if you are knowledgeable about taking it apart.

Turn On Laptop Using Clock Battery Method

A laptop clock battery is an alternative way to run a laptop if the power switch isn’t working. This method is useful in case you are running urgent work and you can’t wait for the battery to charge. Take the battery out and connect it with the laptop’s motherboard as shown on the diagram above.

Then your charger will have enough power to boot up your laptop. Once this has been done, reconnect both connectors before putting your computer back together again. Now that you know how easy it can be to recharge a dead battery, why not save yourself from countless trips out only to find that your batteries won’t hold a charge? Take good care of your batteries and they’ll serve you well.

Turn on laptop using external keyboard

If you have a portable laptop with a faulty power button, then luckily you might be able to use your external keyboard to turn on your computer instead. Most portable keyboards come equipped with a power button that will work alongside other keyboard combinations like Ctrl+Alt+Delete which might be the key combination you’re trying to get working in the first place!

This way, if you connect your external keyboard via Bluetooth or USB to your laptop, you’ll be able to turn it on as well. This will depend on the computer and the accessories that you are using. Unfortunately, Apple computers may not allow for this feature. Additionally, even if your Lenovo laptop allows you to use this feature it won’t work all of the time due to various factors like driver issues.

Step by step guide to turn on laptop using keyboard

1) Power off your computer and turn it back on.

2) When the BIOS is loaded, restart the computer. Enter the BIOS by pressing ESC to enter the POST screen. To reduce power consumption during sleep, press F2 for setup or equivalent key for your system to open into the bios screen. Under the advanced menu of BIOS, look for a “Power on By Keyboard” type of setting under a Power Management option.

3) When your laptop is connected to a working power source, you want to turn it on. To do so, simply press any key or key combination (i.e., Esc, F10) that your system has been configured to recognize as the ‘Power On’ instruction. Some computers will offer you a few possibilities in this regard.

4) When finished configuring your BIOS settings, save and exit the BIOS. Turn off your laptop and then turn it on again while holding down the power-on key you just reassigned to shut down the computer quickly.

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We all know that laptop is one of the most widely used electronic device, which is also useful to learn and entertainment. When laptop is not working due to power failure, we are stuck with no other option rather than to push the power button to start it.

But the fact is that the power button is the most fragile part of laptop and it is not strong enough to push it repeatedly for long time. So how to restart laptop without power button? In this post we will show you different ways to turn on laptop without power button. We hope you enjoyed our article about how to use laptop without power button. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your laptop when the power button breaks.

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