How to Start an SEO Campaign?

Do you want to start an SEO campaign? First, you have to understand some crucial factors of how SEO is in modern days. Google uses a machine-learning algorithm named RankBrain to sort the search result. It helps the search process of Google so that users find better results.

Gone are those days when Google’s algorithm was all hand-coded. Engineers still do some coding on the front end, but the rest are much more automated. Google’s AI keeps increasing or decreasing the importance of your article. It depends upon backlinks, domain, content, authority, etc. It also depends on an individual’s intent. The best SEO company in Brisbane follows some rules to start an SEO campaign.

SEO drives a thousand per cent more traffic than social media organically. So, let’s discuss this further!

Current Website Setup

Analyzing your website setup is the primary step to follow. Know whether your website is based on an updated or older platform. Modern platforms are faster, secure, and easier to optimize. It is flexible in making designs and small changes. Migrating to an updated platform seems cheaper than maintaining an outdated one.

Opting for a new platform makes the design change easier. You can choose a user-friendly design that would be good for SEO purposes. It is easy with an updated version of the website. An SEO campaign is going to leave very little impact on a poor, out-of-date website.

Create Topic and Keyword Research

It is of utmost importance to optimize around topics rather than on keywords. Nonetheless, it would help if you still did some keyword research to determine which keywords have a high search volume within a particular topic for optimization. Then, come up with the topics you want to focus on for the campaign. Then, select suitable, relevant topics through brainstorming. Finally, note down all the topics.

While doing this, keep a few things in mind, like what your customers look for, the service you offer, the message you want to get across, the topic you write about, how relevant your blogs are, etc. Once you are done with the list, try to narrow it down as much as possible. Remove the unnecessary ones. Only choose what you feel is important, and combine the duplicates. Remember that you can revisit this anytime.

Establish a Pillar Content Strategy

Content is the king that rules any website. Therefore, executing a content strategy is very important. Not doing so will make you miss out on something serious. But, much like Google’s algorithm, today’s content-creating strategy is different than it was before.

Do long-tail keyword research and form the content strategy once you have your topic and keyword chosen. The keywords should be used as either blog titles or for pillar content. Both will work hand-in-hand to achieve greater traffic and keyword ranking. A long-form piece of content around a specific topic is what is called pillar content.

SEO Audit

A good SEO company in Brisbane works in numerous ways. One effective way is to get an inventory of all the page URLs, meta descriptions, and meta titles. This lets you see what you are working with from an initial standpoint of optimization. Then, check if the URLs make sense while Google crawls through the website. In addition to that, check what meta titles and descriptions you need to optimize.

You can use Google Search Console to check if there are accessibility issues. It makes a list of existing technical errors on your website. For example, check the Robots.txt file where things are kept that are only visible to you. This prevents plagiarism of content and blockages of important pages from being seen. Google Search Console tells you about errors (if any) and also suggests how to fix them.


In order to evaluate on-site optimization, you have to run your website through one of the all-in-one SEO tools. The tools help determine optimization errors. Don’t forget to take inventory of the issues determined during the audit. Any SEO company in Brisbane guides you in this regard.

We hope you find this information helpful!


Khatak is a tech writer and covering some latest tech trends in the world. Also writing and publishing some business ideas.

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