Google’s New Pixel Slate m3: Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays, the use of computers and laptops is increasing due to online business and jobs. The companies that are manufacturing laptops are continuously in a struggle that how can they add more and more new features and functions to their manufactured laptops and computers.

Due to the entrepreneurs and students, the demand for advanced featured laptops and pc has increased. Through the laptop, the use of advanced software for entertainment, education, and business are increased.

The laptop is considered a good source of entertainment for everyone. The laptop is also known and widely used due to its portability factor.

The Google Pixel slate core m3 laptop is the technology of Google. This laptop is the best source of communication through video calls. People also use a laptop for conversation via email. This Google newly introduced laptop is the best selection for all students and freelancers.

What do you know about Google Pixel Slate m3?

Google has officially introduced a new Pixel Slate m3 laptop with incredible features and functions The Google pixel slate is designed to provide excellent enjoyment, content, portability, and all of the favorite Google features for how people spend their time today.

This unique laptop with a touchscreen, front, and rear camera has become a very impressive and ideal choice for people. The laptop has many marvelous features and functions such as a 12.3 display screen, 8 GB RAM, a 1-year warranty, and a long-lasting battery. Furthermore, the laptop has a circular beautifully shaped keys.

The pixel slate body is made up of aluminum. The laptop also has a dual speaker for producing the best sound. To improve the sound quality and reduce distortions and noise, two mics are also present in it. For premium voice, this laptop is best. The Google pixel slate is also featured many useful tools and apps.


The general specifications and features of this Google Pixel Slate m3 are fantastic and powerful. In this article, I have discussed these all specifications in detail:

Brand:                                 Google

Model Number:                Pixel Slate

Processor:                          Core m3 and 8th generation

OS:                                      Chrome OS

Display:                              12.3 inches

Memory:                            8GB DDR4

Color:                                  Midnight Blue

Warranty:                          12 months

Battery life:                        12 hours

Best Features


The weight of this superb quality laptop is estimated at 1.6 lbs. or 0.7 kg. The laptop is very lightweight and manufactured for smooth use. Due to its lightweight, people also prefer this laptop to easily carry and handle.


Color is an important factor in selecting any laptop when buying. This Google Pixel Slate m3 new laptop has a very attractive and classy midnight blue color. This color has made this laptop unique and more beautiful.


The storage capacity of any laptop is the major feature in making it the best choice for buyers. This Pixel Slate Core m3 laptop has an internal storage space of about 128 GB.


The display screen size of the pixel slate is 12.3 inches. The wide large display screen with touchscreen is incredibly great for businesses and freelancers. The laptop screen has a resolution of 2000 x 3000 pixels. The screen has also a stylus for a touchscreen or a pen. The laptop has a feature of multi-touch screen. The laptop also has backlight technology.


The dimensions of the laptop are important like height, width, and length. The width of this fantastic laptop is 202.04mm. This width of a laptop is suitable for regular usage and casual gameplay. The length of this laptop is 290.85mm which is ideal to carry the laptop in hand. The height of this Google pixel slate m3 laptop is 7 mm. However, these three dimensions are ideal for a laptop to make it a better selection.


The more powerful processor, the faster laptop is. The Processor of this Google laptop is an Intel core m3. The processor used in this laptop is Core i5 and i7 which make the laptop smooth and fast to run.


The battery life is a very crucial factor in selecting the laptop. The battery life of this Core m3 laptop is up to 12 hours. Furthermore, the laptop battery can be charged within 120 minutes. This laptop battery also consists of an adapter that can work and be compatible with Pixels mobile phones. The charge type of this laptop is C-type.


A large number of sensors are present in this pixel slate for unique functioning. The Ambient light sensor is present in the laptop. The accelerometer is also present in it. Additionally, the magnetic sensor and magnetometer are fixed in the laptop. however, the Laptop is also designed with the 3-axis Gyroscope. These sensors are the wonderful feature of this Google pixel slate m3 laptop.

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A fingerprint sensor for the laptop security and privacy of data is also a great function of this wonderfully designed laptop. This sensor is present on the power button. A small Titan microcontroller chip is also fixed in the power button to improve and advance the security of the laptop.


The laptop has a facility of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Ethernet technology facility is also available.


This laptop has also very strong features like a front camera and a rear camera. The front camera is used for taking pictures and video calls. This 8 megapixels Duo front camera is used for various purposes such as taking online video lectures, business meetings, and boot camps. The size of the pixel of the front camera is 1.4um. The aperture size of the front camera is f/1.9.

The rear camera is also 8 megapixels. The size of the rear camera pixel is 1.12um. The size of aperture of the rear camera is f/1.8. The rear camera is auto-focused.


The ports are present in every laptop but vary in number. Furthermore, the ports for USB and charging are available. There are 2 USB-C type ports present. For the keyboard of the pixel slate, an accessory connector is also present.


The most important thing to purchasing any laptop is its suitable price range. The reasonable and suitable price range for Google pixel slate m3 is $499-$500. However, this is the most suitable price range to buy a perfect laptop with marvelous attributes and functions.

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