GM Extends Hands-Free Driving Coverage to Include Rural Highways

General Motors, more often called GM, is making significant improvements in its current functional model to expand it further. The company has made a recent announcement to extend its services to rural highways. Previously, the company has launched its Super Cruise System or advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for larger cities and countries, including the likes of Canada and the United States. However, the recent expansion will surely double the company’s services to small cities and towns, which will play a significant role in its popularity. Further, the company is hopeful to double up its network by 2025.

Super Cruise Features

Super Cruise was first launched in 2027, and it was the first-ever ADAS system developed by General Motors. The company has worked really hard while producing this system. It not only works as a driver assistant but also controls the movement of vehicles under different conditions. Its exceptional features include the lidar map data, which helps in understanding the road environment. Also, it can create a comprehensive 3-dimensional map of the surroundings to allow the system to navigate effectively.

In addition, a GPS system is present, which offers the precise location of the vehicle. The system also incorporates cameras and radar sensors that can monitor the traffic and lanes effectively for smooth driving. In case of any emergency, the driver attention system can handle the driving tasks and alert the driver to take complete control.


The latest decision of General Motors to expand the Super Cruise operational tendencies to rural areas will make sure that it can cover 750,000 miles of road in the United States as well as in Canada. It not only includes the larger highways and roads but also the channels that are connecting smaller towns or cities. In this way, these less traveled roads will become more functional, making them easily accessible.

While expanding its services, GM has made significant improvements in its Super Cruise system. The major ones include the ability to change the lane automatically. When it’s crucial, the cars can automatically change their lane to overtake the slow-moving vehicles. Besides, towing ability is also integrated into the system. To make driving more comfortable, GM has designed a hands-free functionality. Thus, drivers don’t need to have their hands on the steering continuously, ensuring convenience and safety. 

Future Prospects

The launching of the latest Super Cruise system by GM is a significant milestone, and it surely requires significant consideration. Although the company has previously experienced the expansion of its services, all those were limited to larger highways. In the beginning, the ADAS covered 200,000 miles, but then the company extended it to 400,000 miles in 2022. GM’s top opponent Tesla has gained such enormous fame because of its worldwide availability. However, General Motors is ensuring more convenience and safety to its advanced driving assistance system.

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