Facebook Helps iOS Users to Scan Near Events

ios_6_calendar_facebook_eventsApps are a great way to keep users and your target audience engaged to increase revenue for your business. In fact apps have been designed with a smooth user interface that will make sure that the user experience is enhanced. Keeping this current trend in mind, Facebook also launched its Events section through an app. The main idea behind apps is to make the usability all the more personal and customized. That is the main feature of apps and the main reason for business houses to have them.

Coming to Apple users, iOS have also come up with an app that allow Facebook users to browse through events that is taking place within the geographical location of the user. Latest addition of this feature is added in the Events Dashboard that helps in sorting the events into different categories. These categories are music, nightlife, food and drinks, fitness and sports to name a few. Differentiating among these categories is the best way to keep the app sorted and makes the selection process simple and easy among users. In fact, switching locations is the best way to scroll through the events that is taking place in other cities.

However, there is a catch in this feature and that is, it is available among iOS users placed only in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Miami and Washington DC. This implies that users belonging to other geographical location cannot avail this opportunity. It is indeed very unfortunate and that is the major reason Android devices are trying to bank on this opportunity to create Facebook Events app allowing users to avail the opportunities.

Events are considered to be the sleeping giants for Facebook that promises to generate revenue for the company. The initiatives have already started taking place and professionals have come together to give shape to this plan. Since initiatives are taking place already, there have been an increase in the number of public events as well. These public events pop up in News Feeds and notifications on the profiles of all Facebook users. There is a lot of data available in Facebook regarding upcoming events and it is important to collate the data and offer it to users in a systematic way. This process is possible only when the app is very smartly designed with a simple user interface that serves high functionality.

So make sure you take full advantage of this new feature that is being designed.


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