Facebook Analytics – What you need to know about it

Facebook AnalyticsThere is a host of new and useful features offered by Facebook for all those who use the social networking site for commercial purposes. This makes it indeed difficult to know what is actually available and about the exact features that can benefit your business. Moreover, Facebook often introduces new whistles and bells which are made available without too much of fanfare. Once you delve deeper into doing your own research about the tools that are offered by Facebook, you will find it as a vital source of information on behavioral trends of customers.

As long as analytics tools are concerned, Facebook is eventually upping the game, beginning with Facebook Insights to let you understand consumer behavior on your Facebook page. Facebook Analytics is another new feature which is available to all those who have Facebook pixel and they have it customized for the events which the owner wants to track. In case you’re someone who is a novice with regards to Analytics, the pixel is nothing but a line of code which you usually install on your website for tracking events which occur on your website, like for example when someone buys something after they reach your site via Facebook.

The best part of Facebook Analytics is that it doesn’t only tell you what the users go on your business’s social networking page but also how they are behaving at the different stages of sale. There is also another method of including app activity and offline in the analysis of sales. Read on to know more on this.

Facebook Analytics – How is this different from Facebook Insights?

You may have either already used Facebook Insights or you might have heard about it. It will be readily available at the top portion of any Facebook page that’s created by a business which has more than 30 active users and you can get to know many things about how your users are staying engaged with your posts. Few of the metrics include Page Views, Actions on Page, Page Likes, Page Previews, Post Engagements and many more. Irrespective of whether you buy Facebook Ads, you will get Facebook Insights.

On the contrary, Facebook Analytics is a part and parcel of your Facebook Ad Account. For being able to use Facebook Analytics, you should have Facebook Pixel installed within your website. This is again because Facebook Analytics tracks all sorts of user behavior within the different stages of sales funnel. When users reach your website, it doesn’t stop but it keeps tracing the activity based on the various events which are already defined by you.

Exploring multi-channel demographics

Being a business, it is often difficult to receive good demographic data regarding your web-based properties. Facebook Analytics will help you solve major part for you. It lets you know your customers through several channels of contact to be able to optimize in a better way your online experience for the demographic which lets you perform in the best possible manner.

Though it is true that Google Analytics has demographic data, it is not anything when compared to the rich information which you gather from Facebook Analytics. If you check the side navigation of your account, you will find a section with the name of “People” and here you will be allowed to segment and filter the data based on numerous other characteristics.

Therefore, as we see, Facebook Analytics is an immensely powerful tool which offers you the ability to view the entire picture of the journey of the customer. Use the tool if you want to lure more customers and retain them at the same time.


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