Top 10 Tips for Extending Battery Life on Your Smartphone

Smartphones are now part and parcel of our everyday life. No matter you are a student, professional, office employee, or guard, you must have a mobile to survive in this world. The journey of evolution from manual phones to smartphones is very interesting as technology has enabled companies to put exciting features into this gadget. However, they have tremendously reduced the battery life of smartphones. Therefore, you must follow effective tactics to maximize it and use them for longer. We have developed this guide on the top 10 tips you can follow to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Tips for Extending the Battery Life of Smartphones

In the under-section, we have enlisted some critical points to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

1 – Adjust Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is the biggest factor that drains the battery rapidly. Most people are fond of seeing their mobiles by increasing the brightness level. Although it increases the visuals and pixels, your mobile will shut down in no time. Therefore, you should adjust it to the minimum usable level for extending the battery life. The following strategies will help in this process.

  • Utilize the feature of automatic brightness.
  • Manually lower the screen brightness to an appropriate level.

2 – Use a Dark Theme

Light themes are often the brightest and consume more battery. That’s why you should switch to the dark themes. The major difference between the two is that the light theme will have a white background on which you will see black color fonts. We all know that white shines bright, putting an ultimate strain on the battery’s health. Conversely, the black theme features a dark background on which you can see the lighter color elements. You can turn on the dark theme as follows.

  • Open your smartphone settings panel.
  • Search for the themes section.
  • Then, switch it to the dark.
  • You can also do this for most used apps manually.

3 – Manage Screen Timeout

Screen timeout is another critical factor that impacts the battery timing of your smartphone. Generally, it is a time of inactivity after which the screen of your mobile is turned off. The larger this duration is, the more charging it will consume. To avoid this, you must reduce the screen timeout as much as possible. The recommended one is 30 seconds. You can further reduce it to 15 seconds, based on your preferences.

  • Open phone settings and search display.
  • Click the mentioned section and look for timeout settings.
  • Then, change it according to your needs.

4 – Disable Unnecessary Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets are an efficient way of reading messages and notifications. Nevertheless, they consume battery in the background, significantly reducing is usage time. Consider disabling them by following the under-mentioned guidelines.

  • Click on the unnecessary widgets until options pop up.
  • Select the disable button to remove it from the screen.

Similarly, live 3D wallpapers reduce the battery timing. To remove them, you can work by following these steps.

  • Open the settings panel.
  • Search Wallpapers.
  • Install a static one.

5 – Close Unused Apps

If multiple applications are running in the background, they will also drain the battery of your smartphone. So, you must close them all and use the one on which you are performing different functions. Below are the ways to close unused apps.

  • Open the sidebar and click on the cross button.
  • Additionally, allow the task manager to close unused apps after a specific period.

6 – Update Your Apps and Operating System

Update Your Apps and Operating System

According to the latest research, it is found that old versions of apps consume larger battery health. That’s why you must update your apps. Similarly, the operating system must be upgraded to the latest version so it can work smoothly to avoid heat production. It can also speed up your smartphone.

  • Open the settings and scroll down to “About.”
  • Here, you will find the new OS update. Click on this option to upgrade it.
  • Then, open your Playstore and reach the app section.
  • Click on the Update All button.

7 – Turn Off Push Email

Push emails are the automated notifications different apps can send you continuously. You must turn them off to increase the battery life span. By closing them, you can improve the battery for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes on average.

  • Go to your settings and enter the Apps section.
  • Find the apps sending push emails.
  • Open their settings and turn these notifications off.

8 – Manage Connectivity

Internet connectivity is the biggest battery-draining factor in smartphones. The more time your mobile is connected with WiFi or using cellular data, the lower its battery timing. Therefore, you should manage your connectivity precisely.

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi when necessary only.
  • Reduce the usage of mobile data as it consumes more battery than Wi-Fi.

9 – Enable Battery Saver Mode

Considering the concerns of smartphone users, some mobile companies have launched built-in battery-saver features. They automatically follow all the above-mentioned tactics to extend battery life. 

  • Open your notification bar.
  • Check for the battery saver or power boost mode.
  • Enable it to ensure your mobile can run longer.
  • In some mobiles, it offers custom functionality.
  • Use this feature to allow crucial apps to work at their best potential.

10 – Monitor Battery Usage

Lastly, you have to monitor the battery usage continuously. As a result, you can have insights regarding the most battery-consuming applications and software. Hence, you can remove them immediately to conserve the charging.

  • Open the settings and search for the battery.
  • Click on the app usage.
  • Determine the battery consumed by them.
  • Uninstall or reduce the usage of top names in that rundown.

Final Verdicts

It is necessary to extend the battery life of your smartphone to ensure that you can use it longer. Further, this requirement rises sky-high when you are traveling to a distant place. There are many different ways through which you can conserve the battery. However, the top ones are adjusting the brightness level and managing the connectivity. Controlling these factors can increase the life span of your battery to more than 3 hours. Similarly, background apps, push emails, widgets, and screen timeout must be managed effectively.

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