Email Marketing Automation: How To Use It Right

With the advancement in technologies, the innovative means to make it a means of the business tool has also evolved. Nowadays, it is the top priority of business owners to stay connected with the customers, both the existing customer and the potential ones also. To make this happen, they are laced with many efficient methods which come in handy and are very effective in their approach. Among those many means of marketing, email automation is the most effective and friendly approach for marketers for marketing purposes. 

Here we will take a look at the process of email marketing entirely and thoroughly, starting from the basic definition. 

What’s that at all? 

To begin with, it is the email marketing campaign that has been in existence for a long time now as a tool of marketing. However, email automation is an advanced and evolved way of email marketing, a lot more efficient than the common newsletters email campaigns. Those archaic forms of marketing emails were sent to all the people in one go at the same time, and they are still used in the same manner. This is where the email automation strategy is more advanced and different from the standard email campaigns. 

Email automation is only needed to be set up for the first time. After that, it will automatically be sent to the customers to meet the specific parameter set by you. In short, it will be sent to each customer automatically according to their needs and in a timely manner. It goes without saying that all the customers, even the potential ones, will get a warm welcome email when they visit the website of your business for the first time. It will all be done on its own without the business owner lifting his or her finger as if the whole marketing strategy has come to life on its own. 

Personalization with the customers is a tried and tested method to increase your customer base and retain customers. With email marketing automation, you can bring the customer’s personalization experience to a whole different level by making them feel special, which they are, by implementing the email automation proficiently and adequately. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Email Marketing Automation?

Several strategies could enhance the marketing of your business once implemented. Let’s make it clear right here that there are numerous other marketing options that one can employ for the marketing purposes like social media, CRM, analytics tools, to name a few. However, email marketing automation has its benefits, and a sense of personalization with the customers makes it stand out among the other means of marketing. 

To achieve the desired results from these avant-garde marketing options, marketers need a solid strategy. We will share and discuss some new ideas here.

● Unique email template demonstrating the brand’s name. When a customer receives a marketing email, the first noticeable thing is the email template. If your template is unique, it will increase the chances of your brand familiarity among the customers. 

● A warm and well-defined welcome email. The way you welcome your new customers will demonstrate a lot about the values shared by the brand. However, with the increase in reliance on new technologies, almost every other business person sends a welcome email to the customers. To make your welcome email sent to the customers stand out from your competitors, you can provide them with more than just thanks and greetings. 

A complete guide of the services available and provided by your business and some of the easiest ways to use those services could make the welcoming email more promising, and it will speak volumes about your brand and your sincerity toward your customers. 

● Nurturing the potential customers through timely emails according to the necessity of the customers. Every business person is aware that not all those who are visiting your business website will become a customer. However, proper guidance on all the stages will increase the chances of those leads into customers. Like an excellent welcome email, this is also a chance to make an impression on potential customers with timely automated emails. To successfully implement this strategy, you need first to comprehend the necessity of the customers and their intentional level of engagement with your brand. A good probing series of emails will make the marketers aware of the potential customer’s needs, and then they could assist them accordingly and turn those leads into loyal customers.

●    Intricate Sub-division of Mailing List. This strategy is the crux of automated email marketing. It would not be hyperbole to say that through the clever implementation of this technique, customers will treat your brand as a family. In fact, this is a strategy that acts as a bulwark between automated email marketing and the old style of sending the same email in bulk to almost all subscribed customers. 

Based on a rigorous set of parameters, the neatly divided segments of emails will increase the interaction between your brand and customers. There are two efficient methods to create the segments of the automated mailing list. 

1.   Set Parameters Yourself: It is common sense that the same email should not be sent to a potential customer or a loyal customer regarding a certain discount. Likewise, every customer is unique and has certain needs and expectations from your brand, and the automated emails sent to them should be relevant to their needs. A division in the mailing list based on rational questions should be set. When customers touch the baseline of a parameter through their searches, the automated email should be delivered instantly. 

2.   Provide Liberty To The Customers: By allowing your customers the freedom only to get the emails about the products or services related to them, the business persons could keep the communication interactive without frustrating the customers with unnecessary marketing emails. It could be easily done by providing customers access to a link or a page where they can choose the fields and areas related to their needs and receive automated emails related to their choice of products. This will provide a sense of autonomy and authority to your customers.

Milestone or Greeting Emails are also a great way to make the experience of your customers more welcoming. An automated email with your brand’s name and template on their birthday will provide a sense of belonging and build their trust in the brand that will automatically change into a sale. It could all happen by an automated email sent at the perfect time without the marketers doing anything. The same goes with an automated email exhibiting a simple “Thanks” on completing a year of first purchase with your brand. If the situation permits, the business owners can also provide lucrative discounts on such occasions to their loyal customers. 

Decrease the midway abandoned purchases with the timely automated emails sent to the respective customers. Every business owner could relate to the feeling when a sale remains unfulfilled when a customer adds the items to the shopping cart and proceeds without making the purchase. Most of the time, the reason behind this abandonment is that the customer forgets about the things after leaving them in the cart. That’s where the automated email comes into play. The marketers can and must send reminders of the items added to the cart with the necessary details like the price and quantity of the products. It will tremendously increase the chances of making the sale happen after all. 

●    Update About the Order. It is a fact that everyone gets excited while waiting for an order for a new purchase to come. For sure, they would like to keep a tab on the status of their order. To provide them with a great customer experience, a business person will try to keep them updated regarding their order and save the hassle caused by manual searching from the customer’s side. The marketers could help them through emails. 

●    Engage with unresponsive customers. With the use of automated emails, you could contact the passive customers who have not made any purchase for a long time by sending them relevant emails to rekindle their interest in the brand. 

Business people understand the importance of time as they do not have it much themselves. So, in this scenario, automated email marketing opens a much-needed window to keep in touch with the customers without investing their precious time in doing so. This specialty of email automation marketing makes it a sought-after tool among marketers, and rightly so, as it is the state-of-the-art technique to grow the business while keeping the customers base intact. 

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