Deploying an email verification service – Few worthy reasons behind it

email validationAs we see undelivered mails take always take a toll on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Your reputation is critical to successful delivery of emails and this can be harmed when too many mails bounce. As per a study, it has been seen that sender reputation is the ultimate cause of 78% of mail delivery issues. This is why there are increasingly large numbers of companies which have started identifying the value of mail validation, which not only cleans up your list but also enhances your reputation and efforts of marketing.

Without email validation, the mails which you send to people and prospects should run through a dangerous hazard which can prevent them from reaching out to some destination including complainers, spam traps, screamers and dead email addresses. So, what are the benefits that you can derive by employing an email validation service? Here are few you should know of.

  1. You can detect fake emails

By utilizing an email verification service, you can detect the mails which are considered fake in the list and the ones that are being used by owners. When you seek help of an email verification service, you can also decide whether or not you should purchase email list from similar suppliers. You can recognize the useful mail owners and avoid wasting time with the fake ones.

  1. Your brand will maintain its reputation

One of the cons of mail marketing is that it can drive mail owners to believe that mails that they receive from your end are nothing but spam. This can force the potential customers to leave your brand. This is one of the biggest benefits of utilizing an email verification service since you can target good quality contacts which might show interest in the kinds of products that you’re offering.

  1. Reduce bounce rates

The email verification service can even remove all the invalid mail addresses from your list and will, at the first place, prevent it from reaching your list. This means that you will see a larger number of mails being delivered.

  1. Complaints will be fewer and reduction of spam trap

When you can avoid the number of people who might mark your messages as spam and when you can steer clear of all those spam traps, this will mean a reduction in complain rate and enhanced sender reputation.

  1. Better inbox delivery and results

As you will earn a better reputation due to reduced bounce rates and more complaints, all the messages will go straight into the inbox of the email subscribers, leading to better open, response and click rates.

  1. Mailing costs will become lower

Are you someone who’s using an ESP or an email service provider to send your mails? Since you will send fewer mails, this will definitely mean lower costs. Moreover, better deliverability will mean reduced effort to tackle infrastructure and mailings.

  1. Usable leads will increase

When you can validate emails when they’ve entered your website, you can obtain their working address and this increases quality of data and the total number of people to which you can send a mail. Since there are more working addresses, this will translate to more prospects and opportunities of earning revenue.

There are many companies which after incorporating email validation have seen a 75% reduction in bounce rates and 20% increase in open rates. Better open rates lead to more sales, better brand exposure and better response to ad rates. So, now you know how you can benefit by deploying an email validation service. Make sure you seek help of the best email validation service for best results.


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