Best Xiaomi handsets to watch out for in 2018 – Proud to make the best devices of the year

With each day, if there is one smartphone manufacturing company that is growing, it has to be Xiaomi. In spite of the fact that they don’t have any physical presence outside Asia, this is true with them. In fact, you will find it tough to believe that Xiaomi is now the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer all over the world. This is indeed a commendable achievement, keeping in mind the way in which it began selling phones outside China just 3 years back.

Xiaomi can boast of fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the big shot smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple in the higher reach phone market. Yet, there might be many who may have heard the name of the company but are still alien with the idea of the range of smartphones that they have. If you wish to get a list of the best Xiaomi smartphones which are going to hit the market in 2018, here are few.

#1: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi relatively forced the smartphone market to wait and take notice of the Mi Max in 2017. The ultra-thin bezels of this particular device along with the ceramic construction made it a rather interesting option for the tech enthusiasts but since the availability of these phones are only restricted to the Asian markets, it wasn’t easy to get hold of this. This phone has the same basic design as the Mi Mix but its screen size is of 5.99 inch and this phone has got a rounded design which makes it even more accessible. In case you have to choose a phone from a nation where this phone is not officially there, you have to opt for a reseller like GearBest.

#2: Xiaomi Mi 6

This was launched earlier and Mi 6 became the very first below $500 phone which was powered by Snapdragon 835. This is also the first Xiaomi device which ditched the 3.5 mm jack. The main highlight of the phone is its dual camera setup and it includes a 12 MP wide angle lens and also a 12 MP telephoto lens which delivers lossless zoom. As compared to last year’s Redmi5, the design has also gone through a considerable upgrade.

#3: Xiaomi Mi A1

If the Mi Mix 2 was well-known for the hardware, the Mi A1 has got a breakthrough software. This one is the first to not operate on MIUI because the Chinese company collaborated with Google for the Android One Platform. Due to this, if you buy this phone, you will get the design language of Xiaomi along with the software version of Google. The Mi A1 has got a premium design along with antenna bands which runs through the top and bottom of the phone and also at the back.

#4: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

With regards to the budget segment, this one is Xiaomi’s juggernaut. This specific smartphone has improved in many areas as compared to its predecessor, including the camera and also the design. No wonder, this was considered as the best-selling phone in 2017 throughout India as it broke all sales records for this brand. It has got a vaiation of 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage space and Snapdragon 625 runs the show.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is waiting to get the Xiaomi smartphones for yourself, you can certainly choose from the above mentioned list. However, make sure you research about the specs of each phone before taking the plunge.


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