Best Writing Apps for Students and Professionals

Writing is an art to convey your message to a vast audience. Compelling writing needs feeling and personality that comes from the heart of a writer. Some people are blessed with God-gifted writing skills. They can produce exciting stories, emotionally engaging scripts, and formal documents. Others may find it an additional burden to write official emails, essays, assignments, etc. These people can consult experts for their assistance.

Whether you are a web content writer or working as a professional writer in a business organization, you have to organize your thoughts, source of information and writing tools in order to bring perfection to your writing. Latest tech inventions and solutions can help you to become an organized and successful writer. Fortunately, plenty of online writing apps and solutions are accessible on the web that can be used to improve your writing skills. Experts on such sites and platforms can guide you to complete your term paper, thesis, essays and dissertation in a timely fashion.

Here are some writing apps that are equally good for both students and professionals.

ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid can act as a style guide, writing coach and online editor. It can highlight potential pitfalls in your work, such as abstract and vague words, transitions, overused words, etc. The app allows you to upload your documents and access over 20 writing reports. With these reports, you can improve the clarity and strength of your texts.

ProWriting Aid offers better software integration than Chrome, Open Office, Scrivener, GoogleDocs and MS Word. Feel free to edit your documents with this app. It can be a good helper for students and professionals.


Brainstorming is essential for the writing process. It can be easy with Freemind. With this app, you can prepare a diagram of your thoughts in different formats. The mind-mapping tools of this app allow you to visualize workflows. You can organize complex ideas in a better way. Freemind is better than working with sticky notes on a wall.


If you want to tackle a big project, you must prefer Scrivener. This app is suitable for lawyers, novelists, copywriters, journalists, translators, students, screenwriters, and authors. With drag-and-drop features, you can organize your writing in different sections. Scrivener app can help you to handle large volumes of content.

It comes with dozens of pre-written templates for short stories, poetry and blog posts. With the use of these templates, you can save time. A full-screen mode of Scrivener is available to take over your system and permit writers to zero in on projects. You will work without any notification and distractions.


Do you need the right alternative word? LibreOffice can be a good choice for you. With several features and a sophisticated layout, it is good to support several file formats. LibreOffice allows you to use several file formats and layouts. With LibreOffice’s online editor, you can create everything from a memo to a complete book. You can use this app for all types of writing projects.


Scribus allows you to create an attractive layout for words. With this open-source, free platform, you can create professional and productive layouts for everything from a letter to magazines. Anyone can use this app because it is free and cheaper than Adobe InDesign.  

Write! App

For distraction-free writing, Write! The app is an excellent text editor. A user-friendly interface allows you to complete your documents without any disturbance. It enables you to work in a full-screen mode that blocks out everything except document interface and outline. You can also use “Focus Mode” to de-emphasize other elements on the screen. You will only see paragraphs or sentences.

With built-in cloud synchronization, you can access a shared library from other devices. Write! The app allows you to publish your documenters to interwebs and obtain a shareable link.  


Distractions can decrease your productivity. Facebook and other distractions don’t know about your deadlines and assignments. If you need a real assistant, you must try a FocusWriter to become a great writer. With this app, you can work in a distraction-free, clean interface. There is no need to worry about clutter on your screen. FocusWriter can increase your focus and help you to create the best work. You can go through your work deeply in the first run to save time. 


Evernote allows you to capture ideas and take notes without any trouble. With this app, you can work with greater flexibility. Evernote allows you to do everything from creating checklists and to-do lists. Moreover, you can capture receipts to track the expenditures of your business. With its free plan, you can get 60 MB of free space. It is sufficient to take notes and save your larger files and graphics. To upgrade its storage, you have to pay a small fee.


Writers have to deal with images and words at the same time. Some writers can create images for their work to use as a cover photo for a book or a blog. These people can use a powerful tool known as Canva.

With drag and drop templates of Canva, you can create a book cover or Pinterest graphics. If you are not comfortable with Photoshop, Canva can be an excellent substitute for your help. Canva can help you to create high-quality, vibrant graphics.

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