5 Instagram hacks you should know – Your favorite social network

iInstagramThere’s no doubt about the fact that Instagram has become one of the most favorite social networking platforms for many. Not only do teens engage themselves in Instagram but there are many seniors too who love to post photos on Instagram. As per Pew Research Center, 35% of online users now use Instagram, a figure which was up by 6% from the last year. It has also been seen that people don’t just use Instagram casually but they do so many times in a day to check out the updates of people.

However, for those who didn’t ever use this platform or those who wish to take their Instagram usage to the next level, there are few lesser-known features and tricks. Very few people are aware of the different Instagram hacks and they sometimes wish they knew it. Regardless of whether you’re a recruiter who is looking forward to display your company or you’re a simple individual who uses Instagram in the best way, here are few tips for you.

#1: You can easily receive notifications when your friends post

Are you someone who never wishes to miss a single post from the favorite people you’ve met on Instagram? You have an option to receive a notification every time a user uploads a new photo. You just have to turn on the notifications for that person personally. Visit the profile of the user, click on the three dots that you find at the right-hand site of the post and then click on ‘Turn on Post Notifications’. If you don’t want to receive, follow the same steps and just turn it off.

#2: You can see all posts which you’ve liked

Did you ever feel like taking a look at all the Instagram posts which you’ve liked? You just have to go to your profile, click on Options and you will see three dots if you’re using Android. Then click on Posts you’ve liked! In case you want to unlike any of the posts that you’ve already liked, go to the post and deselect the like button (heart icon here).

#3: Collect all the saved posts together

Apart from being able to see the posts which you’ve already liked on Instagram, you can also bookmark posts to watch later. You will find a bookmark icon at the top right portion of the photos. Choose the ‘collections’ tab and then tap on ‘Create collection’. If you’re a foodie who loves to cook different dishes, you can easily create a collection of all the food posts that you see on Instagram.

#4: See the posts on which your friends have liked

If you’re looking forward to find out new friends whom you can follow in Instagram, you could first ask your friends for recommendations. But instead of asking them, you could just take a quick look at the posts in which your friends recently viewed and also take a look at the comments. Click the heart icon which you find at the bottom of the screen and you will find a list of likes and comments. If you choose ‘Following’, you will be able to see the activities of other users.

#5: Delete search history

There are many among us who prefer clearing all the online search history including the social channel. Go to your profile, click on the Options button, scroll down and click on ‘Clear Search History’ and when asked whether you’re sure about it, click on ‘Yes, I’m sure”.

So, now that you know all the Instagram hacks, don’t you think using it will become even easier? Start using this awesome photo sharing network by installing it in your phone.


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