9 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

The primary goal of any manufacturing company is to yield better profits while spending fewer resources. Every company needs profits to sustain itself, and one can improve it by making its manufacturing process more efficient. 

With better process efficiency, one can achieve less operational cost and use of resources without compromising quality. All this gives you an edge over your competitors, thus, turning your business into a profitable venture.  But how can you do that? Well, here are nine ways to improve your manufacturing efficiency. 

Reduce material wastage

A business cannot avoid the wastage of resources, it is inevitable, but it can indeed be reduced to improve manufacturing efficiency. Material wastage is costly and can be reduced by focusing on the product’s design, recycling scraps, and optimizing the process

  • To reduce the wastage of material is to focus on the product design. Consider minimizing the use of material from the initial phase of manufacturing, which is designing parts. 
  • Recycling parts is a great way to make the most out of your resource material. But if it isn’t possible, consider selling the scrap parts to factories to turn them into a profit. 
  • Consider utilizing all the available materials before throwing them away as scraps. 

Provide proper training 

Having skilled employees is very important for improving the efficiency of your manufacturing process. If your employees have the correct information and ideas, they will be better at performing any task more efficiently. This is why you need to provide your employees access to practical and theoretical training, where they can learn the best manufacturing process practices. Also, educating employees on operating the latest equipment leaves no room for assumptions and difficulties adapting to new technology. Your employees will be capable of handling any given task more efficiently. There will be a significant decrease in downtime and fewer chances of mistakes. 

Solve problems in the manufacturing process 

During the manufacturing process, you may encounter several problems, which can stop production indefinitely or result in inferior-quality products. You can solve this with the help of groundbreaking technologies and methods like machine tool metrology and inspection. It can also help you reduce the duration of part set-up. 

Standardise work

One can achieve manufacturing efficiency by setting up a standard for every task. Although every employee has their own way of approaching a task, individuality has no place in manufacturing. You must set a standard for even the most basic task to improve manufacturing process efficiency. Start with a checklist and provide it to every employee and department. Also, ensure each employee follows the checklist while working on anything. It will reduce downtime and improve product quality. The checklist should include the right method, equipment, and quantity to ensure homogeneity in product quality. 

Improve supply base

Your supply base affects the quality of your products and the efficiency of your manufacturing process. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at the suppliers. Check which suppliers have been consistent in the quality of supplies, and make them your preference. Provide them with more of your business and strengthen the supply base. Suppliers who have failed to be consistent with the quality of material you procure, consider providing them with less and less of your business and eventually switching them with better ones. The quality of your supplies plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your final product.

Quantify everything

By allocating value to every aspect of manufacturing, you can identify which aspect needs your utmost attention and requires changes. Assign a pound or point value to every aspect. As material costs already have that, consider man-hours, equipment wear and tear, and planned obsolescence to quantify the production.

Organize better

Proper organization is vital to maintaining the efficiency of any process. Poor organizing will lead to loss of productivity, product quality, and ultimately manufacturing efficiency. Ensure everything is organized and tools and equipment are easier to find. Each part, equipment, and instruction needs to have proper storage, and every employee should know how to access them when required.

Consider preventive maintenance 

Preventive maintenance can not only help you achieve better manufacturing efficiency, but it can also help save you a lot of repair costs. It refers to performing maintenance tasks on schedule rather than waiting for equipment problems. It is about regularly checking and maintaining equipment and tools to avoid sudden failures affecting manufacturing efficiency. By taking a proactive approach to repair and maintenance, you can avoid replacement costs of equipment that have suddenly broken down. You also prevent the downtime caused due to their malfunction, hindering the manufacturing process.

Collaborate with employees 

There is a high chance that your employees are more aware of the manufacturing process than you are. That is why you should involve them in the conversation about increasing manufacturing efficiency. They might have some good ideas and suggest ways to tackle the process failure or increased downtime. The management and executives are always focused on the bigger picture and miss out on small opportunities for improvement that can make a huge difference. So, it is important to motivate your employees to participate and provide them with a channel to share their ideas, suggestions, and complaints about the manufacturing process.


Improved efficiency will lead to better ROI and improved product quality. You can do this with the right tools and strategy. Provide your employees with proper training and organize everything more effectively while maintaining an appropriate maintenance schedule. Also, strengthen your supply base and quantify everything to ensure the best use of resources. Create a checklist of all pre-set standards to maintain the quality and quantity standards.

While doing all these, do not forget to include your employees in the process of decision-making. Open communication channels for your employees to present their ideas and suggestions that can benefit you in finding small areas of improvement. Also, most importantly, invest in the right technology and methods to solve manufacturing process problems. This way, you will be able to achieve the manufacturing process efficiency you desire. 

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