Vital essentials to consider before buying a mobile phone in 2017

buying mobile phonesAre you someone who has been thinking of getting a new phone in 2017? Don’t take any decision until you’ve read the concerns of this article. These days mobile phones and their features are indeed getting too confusing. The makes, models, pricing categories and the contracts are making it difficult for a buyer to choose a new phone. Buying a new blower and buying a new phone is becoming equally confusing. This is why we have shaped this content so that you follow the guide and cut the crap and get down to what you want. How would you choose the best mobile phone from the several options that you find in the market?

There are tons of things you need to consider before buying a new phone. What are they? Here are few vital considerations that you need to take into account.

Are you mentally blocked with iOS and Android?

If you’ve already been using a smartphone, chances are high that it would either be an Android phone or an iPhone. Apple and Google’s respective operating systems are accountable for 90% of the phones that are used by people in the industry and both these companies love to retain your loyalty. If you’ve been a loyal user of either of the platforms for many years, you must have become used to the nuances of that OS. If you have been using Apple for many years, it’s better to stay put as you won’t be satisfied with anything but Apple. And in case you’re floating in between, you should be open to any choice.

Are you looking for a flagship phone in terms of price?

This is a big consideration. Are you really interested in spending $1000 on a new phone? You have to question yourself what you’re actually planning to do with your phone. Most of the flagships are built with insane specifications which rarely people use. You could instead save hundreds of dollars by taking a cheaper model or a model which is 1 or 2 years older. If you literally wish to use your phone for email, call, text and web browsing, don’t tend to spend on flagship phones. Choose the iPhone 6Plus over the iPhone 7 Plus.

It’s not compulsory that you buy an iPhone!

There are many people who believe that there are no such good phones like iPhone. This might be tough to understand when majority of the people around you are all using iPhones. But this is true! There are tons of other phones which are not only equal to but also in many ways better than Apple’s iPhone. You can rely on them and get them instead of buying an iPhone.

Which feature of your phone is most important to you?

Is it the camera? Or is it the battery that you’re looking for or the overall cost of the phone? You have to decide what exactly it is that you want from your phone and you should have clear goals of how you’re going to use it. Think of the feature that you use most in your regular life. Most people purchase the flagship phones just because they think it is a matter of prestige issue. This is why such phones are promoted heavily and you are made to think that you won’t be able to live without such new features. But this is not the case and you shouldn’t get carried away by such promotions.

SO, when you’re into the market to get a new phone for yourself, make sure you ask yourself the above mentioned questions and then take the decision of buying it.


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