Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

2020 was a tough year for businesses because of the global pandemic that saw the global economy tumbling down. Millions of people went into quarantine and stayed at home. The drastic lifestyle change of so many people made companies take a different look at their marketing. 

In 2021, the marketing scenario has witnessed major changes to the more digital side of things. Here are the digital marketing trends for 2021 that, as a marketer, you must know about to boost marketing ROI while still maintaining your business expenses at a healthy level.

Use influencers in your marketing

In 2021, instead of using celebrities, use influencers for marketing your products. These influencers do not have to be established personalities. They can be just TikTok users with an established following, YouTube vloggers, or Instagram influencers. Follower count is also not an issue here since you can hire people with millions of followers or just a few thousand. It is up to you whom you want to represent your brand. 

Video production and other easy-to-consume content

With most people spending most of their time at home, physical activities have reduced and time is being spent online on various devices. Most people have moved towards spending more time on the internet. Consumers still want an easy way to consume content, be made aware of products, and maybe even be enticed to buy them. 

Most people would rather watch a video or look at an eye-catching visual. The consumer does not want to have a hard time understanding your marketing. Podcasts have grown in popularity as of late and are a viable form of content as people can just listen to a podcast while doing errands.

Use AI for a smoother and better experience 

AI is becoming an influential tool in the marketing world. Even though it is an emerging technology, AI has an unlimited scope of taking marketing to new heights. Innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition by using AI in your business operations, particularly in sales and marketing. You will get the most out of your marketing spend with the help of AI as it formulates new opportunities. 

AI can also be used to enhance customer experience, like for making quick and easy responses to customer questions and so that they will know about Chatbots. AI can also be used to better search results that focus on several new factors and not just keywords to suggest more product recommendations. You can even use it to compute a large amount of data in a short amount of time and give you real-time analysis on where you can improve your marketing strategies. 

Market the brand as a brand with purpose 

If you really want to be remembered, you need to do more than just plainly market the products. These days, customers are also keenly seeing the causes your brand supports and works for. You need to have your brand geared toward social causes and responsibilities. Consumers, especially millennials and Gen-Z, find it appealing when they support a brand that stands up or promotes a good cause. 

It does not matter what advocacy is promoted, whether it is wildlife, marine or land environment, sustainability, education, or inclusivity, as long as it is promoted authentically. This not only helps build positive word of mouth amongst your target audience, but it also shows them that they are supporting a great product that works for social causes. 

User-created content lets your customers do the marketing for you

The customer experience should be a top priority. The customer wants to know whether or not the product or service he is about to buy is worth it, and what better way to do so is through the recommendation of other customers. 

You can give customers the product for free, or you can ask past customers to make content based on their experiences with your brand. This kind of content helps to build and strengthen communities around a brand, and it also makes it feel more relatable. 

Use every tool available from social media platforms

As most of the world spends an increasing amount of time online, it has provided an opportunity to attract and engage your target audience over various social media platforms. In 2021, take advantage of the different tools social media sites have. From Tik Tok videos, Pikdo Instagram stories, YouTube reels, etc., there are many different ways for you to reach out and connect with intended groups of people.

Most of these tools will not break the bank and will help you get more engagement, increased traffic to your brand, and a more effective mobile marketing strategy. This is a particularly good way to connect with the Gen Z crowd and millennials as the short but accessible nature of these tools makes them easily digestible. 

Innovate with interactive marketing 

In 2021, people want something more than plain content that you use to market your product or service and build a brand. Your target audience will get bored reading through straight text and move on quickly without remembering what was said. Interactive marketing is the best method to capture your customer’s attention. It is engaging and offers a real-like experience. For example, instead of just plain text, you can plan ads in the form of quizzes or opinion polls. It gives them a platform to speak and share on and it engages them deeply.


Marketing has seen a big shift during the last year as most people worldwide spend more of their time online due to lockdowns. With everything that has happened in the past year, trends have changed and old marketing strategies are failing to work for the marketers. Meet the audience, make them feel like part of your campaigns and with these new digital marketing trends for 2021, try to set a new direction for your business.


Khatak is a tech writer and covering some latest tech trends in the world. Also writing and publishing some business ideas.

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