Top 5 Best Label Printers of 2021

Office owners and employees rely hugely on the assistance of label printers for a neat, organized, and sorted office space. A label printer is a highly essential tool because it helps organize a workspace, classify important supplies and documents, etc. With label printers, you never have trouble storing and quickly identifying office essentials whenever the need arises.

It is important to choose the best label machine for your office and personal needs and for that you must take keyboard layout into consideration. It is also necessary to check the fonts, whether or not the printer is battery-operated, and other crucial features.

We have shortlisted the top 5 label printers of 2021 to make the choice easy for you. Let’s take a look at them below:

1.    Brother P-Touch PT- D210 Label Maker

This label printer comes at a very reasonable price with splendid functionality. With this machine, you have the choice of a pre-designed template for creating your own custom label. The one-touch keys give you access to 27 templates, 600 symbols, 97 frames, and 14 fonts.

If you’re using this one for personal needs, you can opt for polka dots and flowery prints as well. For easier future access, this machine allows you to save 30 personalized labels of your own too.

2.    Brother QL-800

If you’re in search of a high-speed and high-performance label printer featuring advanced technology, Brother QL-800 is your best option. It features a red and black printing option on the entire printable area of your label.

Being a business-quality machine, you will find this one rapidly printing white and black labels for your barcodes, file folders, packages, envelopes, and other various business purposes. Many deem this machine as having lightning speed because it delivers approximately 93 labels of standard addresses within a minute.

3.    DYMO LT-100H plus Label Printer

This is one of the most portable label printers of 2021. It is a hand-held machine that uses a battery to power it. Being lightweight, users have the convenience of carrying it around easily. You get to enjoy faster printing with this machine because of its thermal printing system.

Its features include 8 box styles, 7 print styles, 5 font sizes, and efficient labelling because it offers up a two-line printing option.

4.    Dymo LabelManager 420P High-Performance

This label printer uses a thermal transfer system that prints labels with a width of 3/4”, 1/2”, 3/8”, and 1/4″. Industry experts deem it as the best overall printer and you have the option of using it as a standalone unit as well.

The other option includes using the label machine with your MAC/PC with the label software and USB cable. From printing standard labels to printing logos and graphics as well, this is a multipurpose and all-rounder label printer.

5.    DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker

This label printing machine is one of the best in 2021 because it works splendidly with your smartphone. You have to connect it to your Bluetooth, saving you the hassle of a traditional screen and keyboard. This machine allows you to print labels with a 1-inch thickness after connecting with the DYMO Connect’s mobile app.

This tool even minimizes the possibility of errors with the smart inclusion of the built-in-spell-check and voice-to-text features. It is also a convenient carry-around option because the label print machine comes with an AC adaptor and rechargeable Li-ion battery. A variety of symbols, pre-designed templates, frames, and fonts further make it an ideal option.


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