The 3 Best Email Apps for iPhone You Haven’t Tried Yet

There is no doubt that the number of us who check our email on our phones on the go has increased significantly over the last few years. After all, why wait until you get back to your desk – and to an inbox that is practically overflowing – when you can keep track of all those important messages – and trash all that annoying junk – as it comes in, no matter where you are.

However, some of the standard email services’ apps are not that well-suited to use on the iPhone. The Gmail app tends to be obtrusive and annoying and the Outlook for iOS app – while very fast – a plain, no whistles at all offering that gets the basic job done and little more.

There are, however, some great apps out there in the App Store that offer more than a little more. If email is a big deal to you – and for most of us it is – why don’t you try one of these three email alternatives out?


You know you should be using email encryption, especially when checking mail on your phone when the chances are that you are connecting to whatever public Wi-Fi you can find to save some of your precious data and speed. However, just like you haven’t changed the batteries in your smoke alarm in two years, again, even though you know it’s a must, you just haven’t got around to figuring out the secure email just yet.

The good news is that Inky makes it relatively easy. Compatible with both Gmail and Outlook Inky takes your regular emails and safely encrypts them while also offering something they call ‘deep sea phishing’ to root out potentially damaging emails and alert you to their presence before you ever open them up. By making use of Inky you can keep the Gmail address you know and love but also feel safe sending that confidential legal document to John Foy and Associates
without revealing anything you should not.


If you are a fan – and user – of Tinder, then you will love Zero. Swipe left to delete an email, swipe right to save. Fast and easy. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Zero allows you to sort your saved messages
in almost as many ways as you could possibly want, and it even offers customizable templates that you can use to send standard responses that don’t sound too canned or trite.

For those who suffer from email overload and/or email hoarding syndrome the AI assistant built into Zero can be a big help. It cheers you on (literally) as you finally plow your way through all those ‘I’ll read them later’ missives you’ve been saving for days (weeks?) and makes achieving the nirvana that is inbox zero an attainable goal every day.


To say that Airmail does it all is not really too much of an exaggeration. Turn an email into a to do item, or add it to a calendar? It can do that. Compose an email and then schedule it to send later? It can do that too. Undo send? Airmail has you covered for up to 30 seconds. And there’s more, like attaching documents from cloud storage with a single click and blocking a sender with a single swipe

The only potential downside to all of this is that it does take a while – about 20-30 minutes – to set everything up properly, but for an email power user it’ll be time very well spent.

Melissa Thompson

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