Some Of The Best Antivirus For Your Android Smartphone – Do They Really Protect You?

antivirus for androidWhen it comes to the security of Android, it is far from being straightforward. There is always some debate about whether or not Android really needs antivirus apps in order to protect itself from harmful malware and viruses. Well, enough depends on the apps that have been installed on your smartphone. The more are the number of apps, the more is the chance of getting affected by viruses of different kinds. Nevertheless, you need not worry about being harmed by viruses as there are some of the best anti-virus apps that you can install in your phone in order to allow it to fight against the ant-bodies. Have a look at the names of some of the best antivirus for Android that you can install in your phone.

  1. 360 Security: This is a major player in China, developed by Qihu and according to reports, it has been seen that this app can detect viruses up to 99.9%, which is the highest among any of the other security apps that are available in the Google PlayStore. It has a streamlined and elegant design and it is immensely lightweight. This means that this software will not unnecessarily load your phone.
  2. Avast Mobile Security: This is also a free app that you get on Google Market and you can download any time you want. This anti-virus app offers you a range of tools and scans all your apps and offers you details on what they’re doing and which one needs to be stopped immediately. The interface of this app is easy to use and hence even someone who is new with using Android can use it effectively.
  3. ESET mobile security & Antivirus: This has given a new entry to the latest antivirus for Android and it certainly deserves a place as it can boast of high detection rate. The basic app is completely free and it offers real-time scanning of apps and detects malware. You can detect the dodgy apps and try to send texts or even make premium rate calls. The free version also comes with a suite of anti-theft tools through which you can locate your smartphone after it is stolen and you can even prevent someone else from uninstalling apps in your phone by protecting them with passwords.

Hence, if you don’t want your Android smartphone to become a victim of malicious virus, you can think of installing the above mentioned antivirus for Android.

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