Review of the Fitueyes Tv Stands

The Fitueyes TV stands are an attractive minimalist solution to your decreasing space. They come in different styles, with unique designs, all customized to make your room a paradise on earth. 

From proper cable management to presentable shelves for home theatre components, the TV stands provide convenient swivels for house movement. The TV stands provide several options with many benefits of wall mounting without actually drilling into your wall. 

Easy setup process

Almost all the stands come in pieces, which can make the whole assembling princess quite hectic. However, most of the Fitueyes TV stands are easy to assemble and simple in design. 

The parts come in different sizes and weights, making the whole assembling process tedious for one person. However, an additional hand will make the work easy, but even one hand will get the work done quite well. 

Sturdy construction

All the Fitueyes TV stands boast of three materials used in construction. A combination of steel, tempered glass, and fiberboard makes the TV stands a perfect choice for living rooms with pets and kids. 

The steel reinforces the base and the mounting hardware, ultimately providing a sturdy feel. Most bases of these stands have tempered glass that gives them an attractive visual design. 


The only hurdle is the installation or assembling process. However, if you get assistance with the assembling process, then using it is quite easy. 

There are swivels on the left and right, making it easy to watch your TV from multiple viewpoints. While most of them don’t have a tilting mechanism, you can always use spacers to tilt the screen and give your desired viewing angle. 

You get a few options as to how to fasten the TV to the base and attach the frame to the set.  

The mounting hardware can sometimes block the ports for wiring. However, that shouldn’t be a problem. If anything is blocked, you will only need to plug all the cables before mounting the TV stand. Alternatively, you can use adapters to manage all these hurdles. 

Simple cable management

Unlike most TV stand mounts with complicated wiring systems, the Fitueyes TV stand comes with a simple socket and wiring system. The stands have pass-through ports that allow you to pass cables from the television

With the ports, you can easily pass the cables from the TV to the column and reroute them back to the base of the stand. The whole wiring system declutters the space around your TV stand and makes your house look tidy and inviting. 

You can mount the brackets on the TV at the highest position possible, allowing you to place your soundbar under the TV with about an inch to spare. The TV swivels easily adjust for viewing from different areas of the room and seems very sturdy.

Most of these Fitueyes stands have attractive designs that complement most home decor, making them excellent options for mounting your TV to a wall. The prices are equally affordable, hence no excuse for not getting one for your room.


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